5 Reasons To Jump on SuchApp Today

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Hey there,

Tomorrow at 9am Eastern time SuchApp will open the doors to its private pre-sale. This will be the first time you will have a chance to acquire their SPS tokens, and they will be offering bonuses of up to 42% based on how many you decide to purchase.

So right now, I'd like to share the 5 reasons why I believe this is an incredible opportunity:

Reason #1: SuchApp is easy to understand

Let's face it. Many blockchain projects read more like geek-speak than anything else. You almost are required to wear a pocket protector just to figure out what the heck they're talking about.

Not so with SuchApp.

This project is about revolutionizing a technology that we all use every day - realtime messaging. By incorporating a fully functional cryptocurrency economy and some truly cutting edge features like location-based messaging and live 4K video streaming, they have built an amazing product that even your grandma will enjoy using.

Reason #2: SuchApp is already developed

Unlike most ICO projects, SuchApp is not vaporware. They have a team of over 20 developers that have been working on the technology for almost two years. High TV, the company behind SuchApp, has invested over $2 million USD in the product which is already being tested by a group of alpha users.

Reason #3: There's a strong company behind the project

Which brings me to one of SuchApp's biggest advantages - the team. High TV and High 3D TV is the world's most important provider of 4K and 3D video content. They broadcast around the globe via satellite and maintain strategic alliances with companies like Sony, Samsung, Apple and many others.

Thanks to this, early token sale participants can rest easy knowing that there is a structure in place that already has a proven track record of scaling a company with global reach.

Reason #4: Their customer acquisition strategy is amazing

As a marketer I understand the absolute importance of having a winning go-to-market strategy.

Building an awesome product is only one part of the equation. If there isn't a clear path towards bringing on board millions of people, the project would be extremely risky.

Luckily, SuchApp has a well thought out customer acquisition strategy based on two fundamental pillars: strategic acquisitions combined with a highly viral user incentivization strategy.

First of all, the team is already in advanced conversations with several players in the market that would allow the application to on-board literally hundreds of millions of users in one fell swoop. While closing some of these deals obviously will depend on many factors, the fact that they have been working on them behind the scenes is comforting.

However, I believe the most important strategies are based on the very nature of the application. By leveraging a large pool of tokens reserved for on-boarding end users and local businesses, SuchApp is set to grow organically very quickly.

The fact that they've already built a community of over 65 thousand email subscribers, 40 thousand followers on Facebook, 11 thousand on Twitter and 29 thousand on Telegram in just a couple of months shows how attractive this project is.

Reason #5: SuchApp is going to bring millions of people into the cryptocurrency market

And finally, I want you to consider SuchApp's goal of becoming one of the top 5 global messaging apps within the next five years.

While ambitious, the technology and their marketing prowess makes this a doable objective.

And this will mean hundreds of millions of new cryptocurrency users!

Precisely because SuchApp makes crypto understandable and usable on a daily basis and the fact that local businesses around the world will be using the app, means that SuchApp will likely play a critical role in bringing crypto to the mainstream.

For me, this is a true game changer.

Together, these five reasons add up to a clear endorsement of why I believe that SuchApp is a winning project.

If you're convinced, click here to visit SuchApp's website and create your account on their Investor portal. There will never be a better time to jump on board such a promising project!


we the customers care about the speed.. and how good the quality of voice/video all depends which messenger app we prefer.. for now I still prefer Viber.. and I'm still not convinced about investing



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Interesting project! He certainly has a future, I think I'll see soon. SuchApp on coinmarcetscap in top 100 cripto )

owsome amazing project go go go .....

wow suchapp is a great project

Congrats I'm seriously considering applying for one of the country licenses


More success for such app,,,good job

Thanks for your token

Great project

Good job and hope the best for Suchapp

Suchapp Technology is Great,like @dennishlewis mention in above post "is about revolutionizing a technology that we all use every day - realtime messaging. By incorporating a fully functional cryptocurrency economy and some truly cutting edge features like location-based messaging and live 4K video streaming" this is going be in viral in the crypto world.

Great project! Continuously informs about the news!

I believe nice project

suchapp is a great project

Very nice project

Great project!

I really appreciate what the team has done And for those involved in it. I sincerely hope to be more conscientious and attentive to participants like us, because we are looking forward to the success of this project especially in the future, and I hope that the value to be shared will benefit all of us.I'm sure this project will be great.

Such a great project cant wait to see its mainstream adoption. And making tons of cash for its investors

Blockchain on Highness

Such app is all completely package for crypto apps.Very nice!

Good project!

amazing project

It is a good project.

I thing this project will top project.

great project

I believe that the social networking industry is going to be revolutionized by this technology, SuchApp is the futur

Yes, sounds really promising

SuchApp is the bomb!

Such app is all completely package for crypto apps 👍👍

Great Suchapp ! 4K and 3D video streaming app

with the service clients to gains access with live streaming enterprise with blockchain technology

Very cool

can't wait till tomorrow, i'hv been following from the beginning and i know this is going to be huge project

+1 really press to know the outcome of this project

So many votes and comments, I decided to share with subscribers - perhaps this is an interesting project in which I did not have time to participate.

Great and Amazing Suchapp ! 4K and 3D video streaming app

Great project with good platform to ride on

I believe on this app and hope it will be one of the top 5 global messaging apps.

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