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I am crazy about growing succulents but I don't grow many cacti, mainly because I am quite good at killing them, but over the last few months, @andrijana, @ewkaw and @ludmila.kyriakou have been showing off all their beautiful specimens, making me feel like I need more cacti in my life. I have a couple of Mamillaria cacti, because these are very hard to kill and the other reason why I am fond of mamillaria is because not all of them are covered in the kind of spines that make it necessary to get out the welding gloves if you need to handle them. On Sunday, my favourite succulent seller was at the local market so I ended up getting a pair of mamillaria elongata.

This cultivar is called Copper King

This one is called Golden Stars or Lady's fingers, it looks like a blonde version of Mamillaria gracilis, a common dwarf plant 20 or thirty years ago that people don't seem to grow much anymore. I have one which was given to me that I remember growing as a kid. It only died after the neighbour's cat decided to use my cacti planter as a litter box.

And of course, I had to get this beautiful little fuzzy, Kalanchoe Chocolate Soldier, a hybrid cultivar of Kalanchoe Tomentosa

I also got some new types of Haworthia, I'll show those in another post


Love that top shot; the contrast makes it look so dramatic!

Whenever we pick up new... addictions... it's essential to blame some outside force. "The black cat made me do it" is commonly uttered around here... j/k...


This addiction is already 10 years old :)

Yes yes.. blame someone else :p
The Copper King looks great with the dark body. I have one too (I think.. it had no ID), but the spines are so thick I cant see any green.

Just wait till you have a whole new table full of cacti seedlings :D

That's coming. And that will be your fault, too :P

For our mistakes, we will view photos of your new cacti!


What a terrible punishment!

I can live with that :D

I'm sure you can!

What a beautiful cactus. Just wonder their diversity. Great photo

Thank you

Nice to meet you, you're another victim of @ewkaw's :D I'm also one, but I'm addicted to African violets :))

Snitch :D

Who? Me? Neva! 😂

Yes you :D

No way! 😋


Excellent photos and beautiful plants!
Welcome to our company !!!
The beauty of cacti has struck you!
Beauty is a terrible power! - as our famous actress said.
I have Kalanchoe Tomentosa :-)

I have always liked cacti but I stopped growing them after most of my last ones died. I only have one Mamillaria that I never managed to kill, no matter what I did to it

Mamillaria just does not want to leave you!

I love that Kalanchoe Chocolate!
Those Mammas are easy to grow, you can't kill them. Only me is the one who is killing them regularly. Every time when they grow big and full their pots, some very cold winter comes and they die, and I manage to rescue few 'fingers' only. They will forgive you all except below 0 degrees...

None of my succulents will forgive me below 0 degrees so I try not to let that happen and it is a rare occurrence where I live so not difficult to prevent. Did you leave yours outside?

No. With first nights that are close to 0 degrees, I move them to small glasshouse where the need to turn on the heating is only when it is -4 or more. OR when the north cold wind is blowing.
When I came into this house I didn't know for those differences in climate- near woods and by the asphalt part of town. Although I am still in the same town, here is much higher winter humidity; many cacti that could winter outside there, here cold humidity kills them. Second thing is that cold north wind. When it starts to blow, it can blow for many days and then temperature crush suddenly. I have to turn on that heating immediately, If I am not reacting on time, in the glasshouse it can drop below zero. That is how some plants died to me here.

Moving to a new environment is always challenging for plants. So frustrating to lose them that way. I hope you didn't lose too many

These are awesome! I love the Copper King! And no need for welding gloves😂

Thank you! Mamillaria are an attractive species

All of them looks so beautiful and unique.

That's what makes them interesting

Steemit has had a lot more influence than we expected! 🐓🐓

As any plant-crazy person knows, if you see it, you start wanting it

I have got to quit looking at your comments. There is too much truth in them. Lol 🐓🐓

Tek kelimeyle harikalar Kaktüs bitkisini çok seviyorum Teşekkürler @nikv

I love succulents, especially cacti.

Why not show us some of yours, then?

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