Speckles and crinkles

in succulents •  5 months ago

Adromischus are quite a variable group of succulents belonging to the Crassula family, which means that they are related to Jade trees, and cotyledon plants, among others. They are very easy to grow and propagate from leaves.

Adromischus cristatus var. zeyheri

adromischus cooperi.jpg
Adromischus cooperi is also called Plover eggs because of the speckles.

Some of them have fan-shaped leaves:

adromischus cooperi2.jpg

Others are egg-shadped:

adromischus cooperi.jpg

I only have some of the common species, some of them are truly weird-looking, like this one. I am going to order some seeds and try and grow them.

Source: Wikipedia, by Hectonichus - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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These are really unique plants to me. I have seen them first time in my life own life.

very extraordinary, only this time I saw the plant

They are really amazing! The second last one has amazing markings, and does look like an unusual egg. The last one looks out of this world, just beautiful.


Those bottom ones are really hard to get, they are like something alien

Very interesting and beautiful plants!
I'm trying to grow an Adromischus cristatus var. zeyheri from a leaf.
I'll see what I can do.


It shouldn't be a problem. The process is quite slow but they don't die easily like some leaves do


The last one is very interesting indeed. Though I like the egg shaped one too.

I have to photo my AdroM., that you can see them.
That cooperi with egg shaped leaves was my first one and now is about 18 years old. And will always stay my favorite one.


I look forward to that!

Such variety in succulents.

I have two. Gotta love the freckles :D
That weird red one is really cool!