Seed project - update 3

in succulents •  5 months ago

On Saturday, one little haworthia popped out, It's one of the Tulista pumila seeds and it has been growing well but otherwise, there has been no other germination so I'm presuming that the Post Office killed my seeds. I'm disappointed but my seeds from my own crosses will be ready in a few weeks and then I will sow some more seeds and see if these are more successful.

Tulista seedling.jpg

On the other hand, it seems like the Post Office treatment was good for the Hoodia gordonii seeds, most have the seeds have now germinated and there are close to 40 seedlings. Now to keep them alive!

Various people have told me that they can't keep Hoodia alive but the mistake that they all seem to be making is watering in winter. Apparently that's fatal for these plants - it's confusing because they are summer growing succulents but they are found close to an area where winter growers are more common.

Hoodia seedling5.jpg

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It just happens that some seeds from some good reason do not germinate. Won't happen again, I hope.
But you have that Hoodia, it is precious plant, and I wish you good luck with it!
I had only one, once, that I received as a gift, and I killed it :( , but now I want, just as you did, to purchase some good seeds and grow it from beginning to get know with that plant better.


I was surprised to see that the Hoodia actually did well in cooler temperatures. I think it must be treated like a cactus only when it is older. I never had these on the heat mat although I did have them outside when the ground was very warm but brought them inside once they started germinating


I just wrote in my tips-notebook those your experiences with Hoodia. :)
I will need them, hope very soon :)


:-) Good luck!

I wish successes in cultivation!
It's so difficult, so I really want your work not to be wasted!
Already germinated seeds are so pretty!
Good luck and patience !!!


Thank you. I'm disappointed about the haworthia but I'm glad that something sprouted at least


Yes, it is a pity...
It's good that the other has sprouted!

great to see sprouts. Its a bumma about the post office taking so long


Tell me about it!

Its great that the Hoodia gordonii seeds have done so well. Its such a shame that the Haworthia haven't done so well, its strange how you got one that popped up but thats all.


It is odd, I kept hoping that the others were just slower but you win some, you lose some, I guess