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Euphorbia globosa.jpg

Last year, I learned something new about euphorbia: they are prone to mildew and have their own particular species of mildew which only attacks them and not other plants. Normally when we think of mildew, we think of damp conditions but euphorbia-specific mildew doesn't require extra humidity. It can be treated with ordinary fungicides but it always recurs and the mildew soon develops resistance to an antifungal unless you use different products every time. So I am not that motivated to keep spraying it and it is better prevented by improving growing conditions for the plant so that it is less susceptible. When I first brought this Euphorbia globosa home it developed a major mildew attack and I thought it would die.

20170406_132215 (2).jpg

I sprayed it with copper spray and moved it inside and it improved but I thought that the house was too humid because the mildew would recur every time I watered the plant. Outside, the mildew was less but never quite gone. It has had a bad outbreak again recently and I think that it was caused by a combination of cold nights and too much winter sun. This is my only Euphorbia that gets affected by the mildew so I still need to figure out exactly what this plant needs to make it less susceptible. The mildew won't kill it but it always attacks the flowers badly. This is the original 'Goldilocks' plant. One day, I will figure out exactly what will make its growing conditions "just right".

This is my contribution to #fungifriday, an initiative started by @ewkaw

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Very unusual Euphorbia, I liked it!
I did not see that.
It looks like a soccer ball.
Thank you for the post.
I did not know that Euphorbia is prone to mold :-(


This is the first time I encountered it and it has infected some of my other Euphorbia :(


Oh no!
Very sorry...

There is no doubt that you care very much for your succulents.
And you know how to rid them of the fungus.
This contest is interesting.
Have a happy night, dear @nikv.


It never quite goes away :(


That is unusual fungi entry :)
Would be a shame to lose it. Looks a bit like tiny turtles..

I remember I kept getting mildew on my mint. No matter what I tried, and since I was eating it I couldn't really use any chemicals, it kept coming back.


Mildew is very common on mint. Sometimes it helps to keep it in full sun with regular water and strong airflow.

I have come to realise that this mildew just destroys the flowers and makes corking marks but it can't kill it


Yeaaa I tried more sun, less sun... I have open balcony, so there is always enough fresh air. I gave up.


I would have also given up at that point

There's always something annoying to contend with, with anything in the garden.(or anything in general actually)


Tell me about it!

A little harder to grow then crab grass. :-)


Just a tad

awesome friend..

I remember seeing this before... back when we lived in Texas (hot humid climate) our friend Walt — who was somewhat of a master gardener — would use (of all things!) human foot fungus spray on stuff like this and it was quite effective. I don't remember all the specifics, though, so I'd be careful... test on a small separate corner before going overboard.