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I am continuing yesterday’s post which I posted half due to an urgent calling.

So, the 4th principle is

4. Acting according to regulative principles-

Regulative principles are those principles which regulate our daily lifestyles which is directed towards specific goals. For example, performing a morning routine, investing in oneself, acting and executions of small and fragmented plans. Unregulated lifestyle is just like a leaf flowing in the current of water. We are carried away by our subconscious behavior; which we don’t want.

5. Abandoning the association of toxic people-

We must be choosy of the association we put ourselves into. We are greatly influenced by the people we associate with. You might have observed some change in your behavior when you mix with someone for long. This aspect also includes choosing to be in association of those people who uplift. Whose potential is higher than ours. We will then increase our potential.

6. Following the footsteps of people who are already successful-

Depending on the definition of success, we can always find people who are successful in that particular field. Following their footsteps means to humbly accept their opinion and guidance with enthusiasm. This will make us expert in what we desire and slowly but surely, our goal will manifest into reality.

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