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2019-07-18 21:13:37

@NomanSarwar77 Can we rename daddu charger as DENT?


2019-07-18 21:12:32

@NinFever Well I had mine for years and it’s fine not even a dent


2019-07-18 21:12:28

@InsanityPilgrim @Mandelmassiv @Mach_Dent @ProZD Play ace attorney


2019-07-18 21:12:05

@jeremycorbyn @BenjyNtheMonkey You have failed to make much of a dent in one of the worst Conservative governments… https://t.co/re4sJ0juVv


2019-07-18 21:11:46

@Kris_Sacrebleu @lizzzyk66 So how can we put a dent in this?


2019-07-18 21:10:29

@nickeldumbs so he made a dent right,,, idk what he did but he squished it in a wayy and it made it undent???


2019-07-18 21:10:17

@dianapwallis @JMPSimor That was my initial thought but im sure a few key facts will not dent the beliefs of the Brexit evangelists


2019-07-18 21:10:17

@gameramblings @MangaGamer They're doing the Rei arcs as well as the Hou arcs. (The new art is actually completed f… https://t.co/UEg7eHE681


2019-07-18 21:10:10

@Devilishlydo @AdenOrdinii @HilmarVeigar @ZanziRUS @Jezaja @CCPGames @CCP_Falcon So the only way of really getting… https://t.co/hZWIJZoGfV


2019-07-18 21:09:20

whoever released those pictures clearly wanted it to blow up, but the extent that it has could seriously dent Tom's… https://t.co/I9jkZmRVoA

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