Yes! I Made It; The Challenge Was Finally Completed And Successful

in success •  3 months ago

A week ago, I made I general announcement that I will be setting up myself to a challenge before the month runs out. Today marks the beginning of a new month and I'm glad to be bringing it to your notice that l successfully achieved my goals.


I said in one of my vlogs a week ago that I want to hit reputation 58 and accumulate 200SP. And I stated that my reason for doing this is to present it as an evidence to those I introduced to the Steem blockchain that everything is possible if there's determination and dedication.

It wasn't an easy thing for me also to do but I was so determined to get it. I fell sick along the way but yet I didn't allow that hinder me. I thank God Almighty I'm recovering fast. I presently writing to you from my sick bed. But I believe I will be well soon.

Now that have achieved my goal, it's time I kick of my online Steem promotion outreach. All my experiences gotten from the Steem blockchain are what I'm going to be sharing as a testimony.

I will be making an appreciation vlog to all steem based dapps for supporting in achieving my goals when I'm finally fit.

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yeah bro! with dedication and determination everything is possible. Nice one👍


I'm glad you now agree with me on that.

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