Going All In Is Scary...The Alternative Is Even Scarier...

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Since 2001, I have been working full time from home in the internet marketing world. (Don't judge me lol) I found quite a bit of success with my businesses but like all entrepreneurs, faced many pitfalls as well...

Back in the early days of internet marketing, attending offline events was a must.

So part of my yearly pilgrimage was to attend these offline events whenever and wherever they happened. I travelled to almost every state in America and in one year, even ended up on a boat in the middle of the Caribbean sea. One of the first events I ever attended was hosted by my good friend @richardtaylor called 'Focus 4 The Future'...

This seminar series traveled to North Carolina, Colorado and Texas with a message that was loud and clear for the attendees...

Don't spread yourself out too thin. Focus and build!


Going all in on ONE thing instead of being a jack of all trades....And becoming a master of none!

In a recent post by @theycallmedan he spoke about this exact same concept. In his video he asked...What are you waiting for? Another life? Get some skin in the game!! Go all in!! ...Now I'm paraphrasing but the message to me is why we see so many failures not only in business but here in crypto...

We're trying to put our hands into everything instead of focusing on one thing and doing that with 100% effort! We're playing the slot machines, hoping to strike it rich on this coin or that coin...

Hey look, once you are established and have a solid foundation...Multiple streams of income is a great idea! But when you are getting started, like I am here on STEEM...

I'm focused on STEEM...100%

So back to December 2017...STEEM made sense to me. It was everything I thought a blockchain project could be and then some. So I learned everything I could about it and continue to do so.

I made the plan for all of 2018 and 2019 to accumulate. Don't go buy every crypto currency out there...Focus! So the bulk of my savings is in STEEM and my entire life, basically revolves around this now LOL I put the past 6 months plus into the SteemSavvy project because of my passion and belief into this blockchain...


No holding back!

Sounds scary right?

All this trust into a platform that may go to zero....

Well for me the alternative is even scarier. My personal nightmare is to not have focus in my life...Let me explain.

If I'm into every crypto on the planet, I am not being true to myself. I'm not learning everything I can about this platform. With 1440 minutes in a day, I can be the smartest person in the room, but I can only allocate so much time to each project.

Being focused on one thing and becoming the best I can be at it doesn't end...I can always get better. I can always learn more and do more. And if I believe in STEEM like I say I do....Put up or shut up Jon!

Hey, I'm a newbie like a lot of you in this crypto stuff. Sure I got into it years ago but never really went all in....I dabbled in it. Which is why I missed the boat when we could buy Bitcoin for a buck LOL

And I will NOT let myself miss the STEEM opportunity...

I'm working hard every day to learn about STEEM. Promote STEEM. Become an evangelist for STEEM. And working hard to build this community to be the best in the blockchain space...

And so far....I'm loving the journey!

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Jon , such an inspiring and encouraging Post. You keep reminding why Iam all in with Steem as well.

Thank you for that and thank you for this wonderful Post :)

thanks man. glad to hear you enjoyed it. and good luck on your fast! i did a juice fast a few years ago. felt great after.

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I'm focused on good people of STEEM...100%

absolutely. and it’s pretty awesome to see show many truly amazing people we have here.

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This is the best blockchain project out there that allows you to act like an entrepreneur and build so why not focus completely on this one only? I have other holdings but this is the only one I add to monthly and focus and invest my time in at the moment.

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ya. that’s my thinking to. don’t get me wrong. i love bitcoin, litecoin and projects like bnb. but steem is where my focus is because it fits my needs perfectly.

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Yes... I need to focus more on Steem... I am collecting a few other coins for free when I can so that I can convert to Steem.

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lol that’s what i ended up doing. traded all my poop coins into steem

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Yeah.... going to sell all my crappy coins this weekend and put everything on Steem on any dips. It’s the ONLY coin that I earn on... everything else is complete crap.

I wasted so much money buying crappy alt coins that did nothing but lose money

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right said
focusing on 1 thing is far more important than focusing on 10

it helped me so much! once i focused my life changed.

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well i have a "course" that i know a lot but not enough. had some basic knowledge at programing, did some 3d years ago... photography and video and work in accounting. but when it comes to crypto i am all in in steem. maybe because i am an crypto noob, i kinda see the value of bitcoin and other crypto but for me the community on steem is what the value of steem is. people are mostly great here.

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bingo! completely agree. it fits me perfectly and it helps so many of us showcase our passions and niches. it’s all in for me :)

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and for now it is interesting profile of people, because it is not that simple (even it is more simple to use with every new day). interesting thing is that i am not even thinking about other crypto (it is a bit stupid i know but)

Same here my friend . Even i don't want to miss this opportunity this time and want to be a part of decentralized community.

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huge right. i learned my lesson lol never missing opportunities like steem ever again.

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When I read your headline I thought there they go @jongolson and @richardtaylor are going on a cross country tour.

I can see it now seminars promoting Steem blockchain across two countries. That is what I call all in.

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don’t give us ideas lol that might happen.

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Ah yes, the Focus 4 the Future seminars! Good times! I still own that business, although nothing much has been done with it over the past few years. Maybe that will change?

Keep putting the message out there @jongolson and it will be heard. This is only the beginning of new adventures on the journey.

Building the STEEM blockchain with Savvy solutions!

a steem focused focus event!!!! lol i’m game.

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It could happen! LOL More exposure is always good!

Whatever we do, should be with passion. Our skills get even better as our passion rises.

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agreed. passion followed by action is an unbeatable combination.

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Focus and accumulate is better to have .it is not easy to have your legs on two different boats...just keep walking where you will see light

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absolutely. that’s my thinking as well focused on steem. accumulating as much as i can. adding value along the way.

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Awesome stuff man, focus on what you're good at and dump the rest.

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thank you sir. ya for sure. i’m never gonna be the developer here. but i’ll rave and talk about steem everywhere i go.

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The worst that happens is you walk away and start again.

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happened to me with crypto. i was mining like a bitcoin a day a few years ago with my mining rigs. sold them all for 500 bucks cause bitcoin would never go higher lololol i’m an idiot.

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Ouch. Let's hope steem moons to make up for that mistake.

lol ya. one of my finer moments for sure lol

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Of course there is the issue of electricity consumption for mining. https://me.me/i/what-ifitold-you-bitcoin-mining-uses-more-electricity-than-139-19607947

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that’s why i love the mining here. produce content and value. get steem.

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Wise words my friend!

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thank you sir. appreciate that!

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I want need steem

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that’s the best thing about this blockchain. the more value you add the more steem you get.

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Steem power matters, it shows those who hold up the value of this currency by allocating their capital here.

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oh no doubt. i power up every chance i get. never taken a dime out of steem and don’t plan to for a while yet.

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I was wondering would you be able to give me some directions regarding internet marketing haha

Just stopped working a system job and now I'm back online...

lol oh man. let me pitch you this great opportunity....lol

seriously it’s build your brand and build your list. the problem with internet marketers is they make it sound like that cane happen in a week or less.

takes months of not years to develop an online brand and healthy mailing list. drop me a line anytime man. if you have any questions.

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Oh man... nothing can happen in a week, trust me I'm aware of that

That is why, I'm observing closely to understand what shall be my next focus

When energy is not concentrated in the same direction it can't break glass, but when we put all of it right at the sweet spot shit starts happening lol

completely agree man. absolutely the truth.

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Well said mate. It’s scary indeed...I can totally relate,trust me. But its even scarier to stay in the sidelines.

exactly. being a spectator isn’t what we are meant to be here. we need to get involved and get some skin in the game.

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very well said sir, every words has it's meaning that it hits me. I'm not that good also in steem because all I right mostly was inside of my thoughts. I don't know much about blockchain, I don't know how to promote it. For short I'll focus in writing my own story that what my thoughts wants me to do.

thank you. appreciate the comments very much.

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thank you also, I also appreciate if someone notice my words. Sometimes when I made a content I want someone to interact even if they won't vote for it. Well I won't deby that I wanted to upvote it also, lol

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oh it’s my biggest beef with steem. especially some of the og’s that are here and never upvote people that comment on their blogs or even respond to them. i will always engage with people!

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