How to create success?

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Success is created in the mind first!

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Any great achievement, any amazing accomplishment, any epic anything is created twice, first it's created in the mind and only secondly it is created on the physical plane.

You need to be a co-creator of your success.

Visualize the event you wanna manifest so by doing this you can activate the success mechanism you have in your brain, so when you have this goal, this dream, you have this achievement you wanna accomplish, your mind, your subconscious mind will cause to you to take actions until you achieve that, it is what it does, it doesn't argue, it doesn't rationalize it, it just does what it is programmed to do.

Challenge yourself!

You have to fight this natural look for comfort. No one had a breakthrough in their comfort zones nobody, if you wanna do something amazing you got to be uncomfortable, challenge yourself.

Be willing to look bad because you can't get better and look good at the same time. No matter what you do if it's playing the piano or playing soccer you can't look good and get better at the same time.

Feed your mind every day, feed your mind with positive things, that cause you to think in positive ways because when you do that you will attract success because you just have a more positive mindset.

Plan your weeks, plan every week. Have and use paper-planner.

Associate with positive people, you don't have a choice who is in your family, you don't get a choice almost the time with who you work with, but you have a choice on how you spend most of your time, you get a choice to be mindful of the people you gonna associate with. Who with you have dinner and who you invite to your home.

You must face the reality that not all the people with you spend time with is good to you and you have to minimize the time with people who physiologically drain you or disrespect you.
Some of the people are intentional and some of the people completely unintentional.
You gotta to limit access to you. There are some people that you have to completely eliminate from your life, they are not just negative, they are harmful and dangerous because they can cause you to lose self-esteem, cause you don't believe in you, to not go after the greatness that is inherited in you.

Your character will determine so much of your success because everything isn't a random events and happen to you, you don't have a role and or a destiny and karma.

You are a co-creator in your life of your success.

You build success by the choices that you make each and every day and the choices that you make will determine how your success evolves!

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