How to become more productive and achieve more!

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The secret to success in all areas of your life it's your MINDSET,
it's your philosophy towards life!


Your mindset is the key to become more productive and achieve more, when good things happen and when bad things happen.

There are people that become really affected, they get really upset when things go wrong and then others uses that to grow, to improve, look at that like a learning experience and you need to have that mindset if you want to achieve more and become more productive.

If you want to be a person like people follow, to join you in your movement, listen to you, is always about your mindset.

All of us had bad things happened, all of us have experiences that maybe aren't the best, maybe we have toxic relationships, but you have to have the mindset that sometimes I win, sometimes I learn and right now if I'm not winning, I'm not having success so I must be learning, must be a lesson to me to learn through this adversities, through this challenges.

My goal, my philosophy is to help other people, because there were people that helped me to understand how to become better, learn skills yes, skills are great, a lot of people want to know the how to, but you never gonna be successful if you don't have the right mindset, the right philosophy.

So what could be holding you back from becoming more productive and achieve more?

Maybe you look for excuses not possibilities, there's some adventure, some new business, some new project you could create, some movement you could start and you look at the list why it can't be done or why shouldn't be done or you shouldn't do it.

There are a lot of good excuses why Amazon couldn't work, Uber, Airbnb, Apple couldn't work, Steve Jobs would be a failure. It's the way you approach, the mindset, are you looking for the excuses or the possibilities?

Sometimes you buy a faulty premise. There are convention beliefs, foundation beliefs that used to be true, but no longer is and sometimes it was never true.

If you really want to achieve more find a way to contribute to the lives of others and to serve many.

Serve to many leads to greatness.

Contribution to others leads to a better life.

Become a lifelong learner by reading every single day, listening, watching, attending, having careful with your associations because you become who you hang around and set a budget monthly to your personal development, your personal grow.

Use a consistent method of operation: daily, plan, take a minute and plan your day, a to do list.

Most of people that are not productive haven't prepared themselves sufficiently, so what is the one thing you really want to accomplish and haven't done that yet? And which one of these above is the reason?

Have a great week and create something amazing!


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