RE: The Art Of Aligning The 'Self' With A Future Challenge || Why 'Being Authentic' Is One Of The Biggest Myths In Business

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The Art Of Aligning The 'Self' With A Future Challenge || Why 'Being Authentic' Is One Of The Biggest Myths In Business

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there is no true "self", it is all an illusion made up by your own ego, who is to determine what the true nature of your character looks like? yourself? society? you're gonna be a different person to whoever you meet anyway, so it's not about corrupting yourself but rather about being what you were meant to be in the first place

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@ikigai: I would like to come to this point to really let go of the concept of an "I" - though this is one of the toughest, difficult to understand goals. One must first dig really deep into the teachings of those giants on which shoulders we stand.

(Or being a physicist who is on the verge to find out that there is no smallest particle or "wavicle":)

I am on that path - if I would feel deadly ill right now in this second or were about to die, maybe I would let go of my "I". But it feels still so familiar to stick to the concept that I'll probably will hold on just for some more time. Don't know, as I write this I think, I probably could decide just out of a whim to not to believe any longer that there is an "I".

In the end it's just words. And all of them could be understood as to my pleasure or my pain. I can beg to differ or decide that no "opinion" can harm me.

Good luck on your journey of life!


Weil in deinem Name "Germany" steht nehme ich einfach mal an, dass du deutsch bist:D

Falls ja, kann ich dir das Buch "Ego-Tunnel" von Metzinger nur wärmstens empfehlen.

A good start is: "Never let your ego talk to anyone"

I disagree.

I think there is the real you, beyond ego.

Hidden behind the illusion of self is an illuminous part of your being that is your true self.

At this level, which is beyond the ego, blissfulness doesn’t waver and happiness doesn’t subside. Since the deepest desire of every human being is to find lasting levels of fulfillment, it should be everyone’s primary objective to start living from this place.

Stolen from but i had a 1000 options.


Then again, what does your "true self" look like and how can you be sure you found it, not just some gimmick your mind is coming up with

I like the ending of your source, doesn't say much about anything does it


With respect, I think you need to keep on looking.