Surprised always make us happy but sometimes more [Dtube Vlog-81]

in success •  5 months ago

Hello Friends,

Good Afternoon all!

Today, I did not want to go to the office, because the body is a little sick. But you know I love working, trying to find joy in work, I came to the office for that. Normally I check my steemit in the morning after visiting the office and check once again after lunch.

However, after checking the steemit after lunch today, and really, I was surprised. 777 SP has come to me, as a delegation. I've been looking forward to the past few days, my Leader Mr. @nathanmars has been talking about SP Delegation. Actually, I did not think that my name would be in this delegation list.

To be honest, with Mr. @nathanmar's companions, I have always tried to do something good, tried to write something good, tried to contribute to others. Yet again, I am repeating today, my efforts will continue as before.

I am always with those who work well, who try to do something good. Because I believe, reaching the goal without mutual cooperation is really difficult. So, by mutual cooperation, we want to move forward, want to be successful together. Let's walk together in the way of success.

Thanks all for visiting my blog.

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Glad to hear you’re happy my friend!

Love the word “Mutual cooperation”

Happy DTubing and Happy STEEMing :)


Thank you sir.
Yes, you always give us the real guidelines and I am always happy to stay at your touch.

Congratulation brother!!!
feels so great to hear that...

waiting for the Treat...


ha ha ha, sobure meya fole :D

A great power carries a great responsibility. 🙌😎 congrats bro.


Yes, totally agree with you.

congratulation best of luck

Congratulation my friend


thank you brother