The Success Story Or A Perfect Life.

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What could a perfect life be, Why would everyone want to live it? We want somethings, we try to get them, we get desperate, we want, we need and we hope. Is living perfect possible? By the way what do you think perfect is?... that is a question I have tried so hard to discern.


In our world today, the good news starts from when we are born, suckle on mama's breasts,we start growing, starts an elementary school, junior high, senior high, college/university, graduate, get a 'good'job, get married, have children and hmmm... very perfect!

We So much wish that we would have no hard times... I mean the first sight of a successful person, we are feeling jerky and already dreaming to succeed. what happened to the inbetweens? Only few people would ask that. Do you think it's all about waking up and like boom! You are successful?

I was going through @hilaski's post and that was when it dawned on me that there is more to life than we think. That most times what others think can not bear fruit is what does, only if we believe and accept that drive we have towards being fruitful and successful.

The Success story

To me success stories has always been about stories about people that found connection from where others didn't. They are people who took their live to the next level with a different perspective all together. They never had it all, at first it felt like nothing was ever going to n sense; but like I said- they connected the dots that seemed so scattered to people and that is why they stand out among the crowd.

An educationalist will tell you that without going school you are nothing and can never go far or in life. A business man will say he'd go for business over school; while others may have their own perspective depending on what they could make out of life and how they see things.

I have heard and seen people who could not afford to be in school or the opportunity other people had but they made something out of their lives.

What have you discovered

When we talk of opportunities, these things sometimes just don't come like that- they don't come in our sleep; we create them or we make effort to take them. But most people do not know this.

Some has what it takes to create this opportunity for themselves and for others but they sometimes draw back because of one fear or the other.

A number of them are overcome by the fear to fail and even the fear to try again. Some are scared of being laughed at. All these are what could prevent one from discovering an opportunity and to create one.

Your passion could make way for you

Passion which is the zeal, fire, enthusiasm, drive to channel toward something could make and open doors for you.

Passion determines your strenght,consistency, patience and trust. Without it one could fall out. Passion for success is the only drive that could make you stay connected on the pursuit for true success.

Have you found that thing that you have passion for? That thing you believe could make way for you even on the long run? If you have found it start to build your world around it.

Do not let people talk you out of what gives you peace, satisfaction and control simply because they feel it's not a good idea. There would always be advises from all angle- left, right and centre. But do not allow "too many hands in the soup to spoil the soup."

Your life is never the same with another... get it straight.

It is humane to stop and check other people's life and success but do not get engrossed in it. Do not let yourself worry about things you can not change.

If there is anything to do for yourself, it is to change some negative vibes so that good things can come your way. We sometimes do not understand that success and Favor comes to those whose mind and heart is willing to accept it. If you do not create a good environment for success it would not come.

Never think that time is not longer on your side. Never let that weigh you down because everything has it's appointed time and when that time comes things will unfold for good.

Finally, the end product is Success, that is what Everyone is interested in. Believe in what you can do and have passion for. Never welcome negative thoughts. What is important is that through what you find yourself doing that you excel through dedication, hard work and passion.

There is no perfect live, there is no specific line or route to success, everyone follow it differently. Therefore, if the opportunity to make yourself better comes take it and make the best out of it. Never believe that if you do not do it like your mates that you can not get there.

At the end of the day you get to stick with one thing that completes you. That one thing that you can be proud of and find fulfilment in. Gone are those days when we thought success is about wearing suit, shirt and tie; that farmers were poor and that we can only make it only in the corporate world. That you must be a graduate to succeed and that those that the opportunity did not play out well for are wasted... gone are those days buddy.

The great people we all know today never had a perfect life, rather they controlled the situation they found themselves in and found a perspective and the passion that drove them into achieving and being who they have become. Today their names are never erased on the platter of which it has been inscribed on in gold.

This is not because life presented itself wonderful- NO. They simply Learnt to turn life's lemon into lemonade. Cherish what you have, love your occupation, love your life and remain dedicated to your passion.

I think it's best to have a success story than to strive so hard to have a perfect life. I do not think I want to persuade anyone into believing there is anything call 'perfect' life because honestly there is nothing like that.

Remain awesome and keep hope alive. The best is yet to come.

Thank you for reading

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Very interesting post friend Glo thank you for sharing there is nothing like the perfect life of each person, in how she enjoys it as she goes as if carrying her as with a piece of table game congratulations


I think the only perfect thing is to endure tge journey of tge success story. Trust me that journey could be very hard but for those who are able to stay the success story could be perfect but no life is perfect.

Thank you very much my friend.


But it would be worth friend, regards, thanks

There's nothing like perfect life. People's lives are filled with jagged pieces. I learnt that the hard way and since then all I do is put in my best in whatever I do and leave the rest to...... Fate perhaps. But whatever you are doing, passion-driven stands a better chance of ensuring your success.
Thank you Glo for sharing.


There is nothing we can do to chabge certain things. Some who pushed their passion aside somehow after so many years turn back to their passion. I believe everyone should follow that passion in them.

No life is perfect. Some may appear so the same way the grass is greener on the neighbor's field. Success is subjective, a mason man finds success if he's able to lay his blocks and get paid for it. An oil magnate is successful or finds more success if he could acquire an oil well. That is life's successes for the two different individuals. Contentment is key to determining the level you equate to as a success.


This is applause. Thank you very much for the contribution. Contentment is key.

An educationalist will tell you that without going school you are nothing and can never go far or in life. A business man will say he'd go for business over school; while others may have their own perspective depending on what they could make out of life and how they see things.

Success doesnt depend on education nor effort put into business. I like the way you covered all points in your post. I think we should try and follow the direction that is divinely orchestrated for individual. There is no perfect life as you have said @gloglo.


Thank you very much @turpsy . Perfect life is far from human.


Just as the sky is far from the earth. Lol.


Here anybody can mention many thing, but i want to say perfect life mean by hard labor by own-self who make career


Very exact my friend thank you very much.

Once again I say thanks for these analysis of the success story. Success requires that you take control of your life if you want to have a success story.


Thats the point. Taking control of our lives goes a long way , if we also want a success story then we should be prepared for anything that comes with it.

Inspiration that seems very timely. Thanks for sharing this.


Am glad it did. Thank you

Very interesting history dear @gloglo thanks for shering with us

We So much wish that we would have no hard times

Hard times actually define us and make us but when we look for short-cuts to success without undergoing hard times , then that is not 'good success ' . Thank you for sharing .


Hard time is what brings about character, character brings endurance, endurance brings hope. All these prepares us on how to handle the success ahead. Thank you.

To be great d roads to greatness arent smooth. Thanks for dis


Very correct. Thank you.

wow, @gloglo I had to take my time, to read the blog over again and couldn't help, but break down at these point..

"I have heard and seen people who could not afford to be in school or the opportunity other people had but they made something out of their lives."

I mean am a living testimony... thanks for sharing my story


Awwww... am so glad. It's good to have you here. Welcome to the steemit story time.


yeah thanks

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Dear @gloglo
your work is well you are very intellengt writer i hope your success is very soon?? Thank you i support you everytime but i want to you support me alltime thanks for this post


nice post

There is nothing like a perfect life and yet daily we strive to have it, what a futile attempt 😔


Very true... very futile.

Good post, request you to follow me and upvote please. I am also following and upvoting you.
Thank you

best, follow and upvote

No one is perfect in this world. There is no single route to success. It all depends on us, how we take our chances, how we take advantage of the little opportunities that we come our way. We shouldn't compare our lives to anyone, someone can make it as footballer whiles someone can also make it as a musician it all start with passion with hard work and determination, you will surely get there. Most of the successful that made it in life they started from the scratch though they fail but they didn't give up they are where they are today because of the zeal. Don't give up on your dreams.


Thank you very much for that wonderful contribution dear one. Our life should be a mirror of hope for others. Thank you for being a source of hope.

The biggest problem of a "perfect life" is that people think they shouldn't have problems. That's a problem right there. Every stage of life carries a certain level of hardships or challenges because this is how we grow and learn to be strong. The moment we stop expecting things to always work out and accept the imperfections of life, we'll find peace and happiness at the present moment. Great post. Loved it :)


Thank you dear one. It's good to have you here. The problem like you have really mentioned is the correct. To me problems should be considered healthy, that is the only way we can be healthy while facing a problem at any stage of life.

It is humane to stop and check other people's life and success but do not get engrossed in it. Do not let yourself worry about things you can not change.

I think we all need to read that over and over again. Nothing will change until we learn to read between the lines and take charge.
Nice piece @Gloglo.


Dear brotherly... its good to have you here, the wisdom is refreshing. Thank you for that wonderful point.

What a wonder the post is. Perfectness has no bounds. Which one is perfect to me but other people are not allowed. Succed are reached top their own way, none follow to other.