Understanding Success

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Success is not a destination. Success is a beautiful journey mixed with so called failure. Failure is a learning event. Learning in a hard way. Overnight success is not possible unless you have a Revolutionary idea or invention. Though it also take times.

Really i do not know the exact definition of success. but i can share an example of success. A father is a rickshaw puller. Its a difficult job. Mostly done by physical force. Father is working hard, day and night to feed his family to feed his Children to get a better life. At the end of the day, one of his son graduate from a university, One of his daughter become doctor. this is called success, This is called happiness

A father is a rich person. He has number of industry. He is a business icon in the country. He has a lot of money. But he does not care about his family, He does not care about his children but only care about money. At the end of the day, One of his son become ruthless and uneducated, One of his daughter become reckless and drug addict. This is not called success. This is not called happiness. This is absolute failure.

Success does not depends on money. Success depends on willpower. Willpower brings positive results. Look at the different scenario of two father. How they changed their life by focusing on the subject of real success.

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