Building the road to success - Chapter 1

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I am going to start a series of chapters attempting to share with you all the different paths I took until I found success and won the right to choose what I wanted to work on, specificially in my case to be able to invest my time with my art.

But to do this I have to start with my own story and I hope it can serve as a guide for inspiration and that you can use it to help you arrive to the place you want to be.


I was born in Brazil in the city of Sao Paulo, a giant metropolis with over 22 million inhabitants.

When I was four I started to listen to quality music through my now gone uncle, with whom I’m very grateful to, he introduced me to the musical universe with extremely quality. I was raised listening to Genesis, Yes, Dire Straits, Eric Clapton , Pink Floyd, Phil Collins, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Donna Summer, Delfonics, Led Zeppelin, Toto, Alan Parsons and other legendary artists that are responsible for my musical influences.

When I was 8 years old I had my first encounter with an electric guitar and I knew from that day that it was not going to be just a hobby in my life. I started to study classical guitar but the electric guitar was always in my the forefront of my thoughts and plans.

I don't know the reason why, but I’m grateful I have always had the light of an entrepreneur since I was very young without even knowing what it meant to be one.

This is a good tip

“It's not enough to study and work with what you love, you have to go beyond that to achieve comfort in the future. You have to learn how to be an Entrepreneur”

Entrepreneurship is just an attitude and it’s not a sin to not have the spirit of a businessman, but it might be a sin to not attempt to learn how to become one.

But how is this achieved?

Here is another tip

“You must find a mentor in your life, someone who can inspire you and help you not to go astray into tortuorous roads”

Believe what I'm about to tell you right now!

You can look for a mentor, but in reality it would be him who would pick you, because a mentor is always looking for people with positive attitudes, he knows he can invest his time and expect nothing in return but loyalty.

With this I will end the first chapter of this story, I hope that if you took the time to read this post you had an open mind to capture the ideas I wanted to transmit.

I will continue in the next posts and I will attempt to write them in an engaging way with many lessons, and if you enjoyed them you can follow along.

I apologize if my English it not that polished, but what matters is the message.

Much regards, success to you all


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Prayers for your best; and, I hope the transition to your new place is going smoothly.

Best regards!

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I agree with you! It's no only with art, with music is the same thing...

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All the Best Ever! Peace, my friend!

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Thank you for the tip, I will take care of this...

Much success to you


A true mentor always guide you in a right path, but every one is not so lucky to have a true guider.

For sure. Having direction is one of the most important things. Making progress won't help you if the progress is in the wrong direction.

The point that introvert-dime was trying to make is that there isn't a mentor-tree where everyone can pick one. Only a subset of entrepreneur-minded people gets to have a mentor.

Absolutely right

good post greetings from Venezuela

Thanks for the article, my own feeling about mentors is two-fold. I was one of the proteges of a corporate mentoring program during my teenage years. The program was sponsored by the national foundation for teaching entrepreneurship (NFTE) & the textbook publishers Macmillan McGraw Hill.

The marketing class they taught was quite poor as they only taught us basically ONE marketing method (Business Cards). So once we gave the business cards they had printed for us to everyone we knew....we just ran out of new leads for sales!There is saying that EVERY business needs at least SEVEN marketing methods to be truly sustainable.

But on the positive side, I learned many of the graphic design principles from one of the designers (Joe) that was part of the program. I still use these design principles even today.

So for me, a mentor with the wrong inforormation can be a disaster, it is not just the value of a mentor but a mentor with the RIGHT information to share.

Hola. He logrado los proyectos y actualmente es que, llego a tener un mentor. La sigo por su experiencia y una lectora critica, es decir, aplica el pensamiento critico. Dentro de la Educación que es mi sitio, es difícil tener un mentor. Cada Docente aprende a desafiar la autonomía de la enseñanza. No nos dejamos guiar, creemos que por el titulo hay la autoridad para educar y eso es una gran mentira. Se necesitan mentores.
Hay un ejercicio de proyecto de vida que se aplica para que el adolescente busque sus lideres o mentores que lo guiaron o guian. Es insoluto, pero eso lo dejan en blanco. saludos

¿Por qué cambiaste a español de repente? Si vas a hablarle a alguien que habla inglés, háblale en inglés, ¿no? Aunque sea con Google Translate. No tienes que andar obligando a la gente a tratar de descifrarte.


@CryptoSharon Thanks for your comment, I had the same thought. I used google translate to translate the replies in Spanish.

In Person, people often assume that I am Latino. But like President Obama, I am Black & White (Irish Mom). None of my Ancestry is Latino at all.

In real Life when People launch into Spanish when speaking to me. I just repeatedly reply Que? with a quizzical look, I keep repeating it with each Spanish reply I respond with Que? Until the realize that I am not Latino OR they just think I am mental! LOL ;)

I just repeatedly reply Que?


Poor people! I could fall for that and would remember it for a while as one of the strangest moments in my life. You certainly look kinda Mexican, though :P You can also add "¿Cómo?", but that one is harder to pronounce.

Es muy lógico lo que dices, y para agregar algo a tu útil información podría decir que hay cosas que uno como individuo aprenderá por si mismo porque un mentor puede saber muchas cosas, pero nunca lo sabrá todo pues cada día habrá alguien que encontrar algo nuevo y que quizás ese mentor no lo sepa por eso creo que es muy importante aparte de un buen mentor tratar de aprender nuevos temas he innovar de forma propia.

Yes, it's not as easy to find a real mentor!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I can only say that I found my mentor deep in myself. It is me as a child. Thanks for your write.

My thoughts exactly!

i agree with you.

yes i absolutely agree with you

me too

Yh it was true

Hey im introvert too

This is true!

هلا والله بالجميع

This is true!

My thoughts exactly!

next your post

true comes your way for that, but nothing happens without a reason you may not know, the truth is there is no true guider until you make one.

My thoughts exactly!

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thank you sir your message is valuable for us.

It would be really good to learn from your experience and know what mistakes did you make and what path you took to reach where you are today and what we should do.

i agree with you

I am looking forward to be hearing more about your music article is really inspiring.

I don't think the person you replied to has a music article.

That's really great man! I love it

I'm new here is any one here to help me plz ?

Go go, go to the #help channel and talk to people. You won't find anyone begging like this on comment sections.

I feel the the same about the artical

Life is short, we live our life to the fullest by e tending help to others in need. We should not waste our life by not doing good in every single day. Along the way, we meet different kind of person with different outlook in life. Collect those good advices and throw those garbage ones. 😊

What ive learned is that our lifes are books each and every person you meet is a chapter of your book.

Welcome to Steemit, I'm here to give you a vote on your very first comment! Great job engaging with the community!

Thank you for the welcome.

This is something that I didn't get until years ago when I stopped being so self-centred. I realized that I have a whole history of people who have built me into what I am today and that, just the same, I have helped people be what they are today and I will keep influencing people just as people will keep influencing me. This thought of life as a continuous network is very pretty.


I agree with you, we should help each other.

Yup, everyone has something different to say about the way they got to where they are. We just have to have a more cynic outlook on life to realize this and stop thinking that every marketer has the key to Heaven's Gate.

Hey @chbartist I just got my account approved just hours ago after waiting for over 2 weeks. This post is the first post I've read, and let me say I'm excited to be here especially if I can find stories like this. I know it's only the start, but I've followed because I want to know more.

As someone who was a touring performance poet for 20 years, I've been on both sides, the student and the mentor. Personally I learned so much more from those I coached and mentored than I think I even did the other way around.

I'm now changing gears and focusing more on my music, so once again I'm a student. Anyway excited to read more from you man.

Welcome to Steemit, I'm here to give you a vote on your very first comment! Great job engaging with the community!

Lol, awesome. I agree that this comment deserves some push-up.

Thanks, you rock

I also just got my account approved couple hours ago, and this is the first post I read as well.

I started my current job a little over two years ago, during that time, I was trained by the more senior team members and I also trained the new comers. I learned a lot from both roles as I reflected back on how I would like/not like to be trained and refine the method I used on the new comers. One of the things I picked up was when someone gets on a new job, he/she maybe nervous and overwhelmed by the new environment, it's important to make he/she feel welcomed and help as much as you can as a trainer/mentor.

I am looking forward to more posts like this to help me learn and be successful.

Thanks, I really appreciate your comment.

No problem :D

I'm glad to read your article about your life learning, music and how you see art and it's importance.
I've learned a lot from Music as well music genre Pro-Rock, Rock, Jazz and bands The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin. U2 and now ColdPlay, Imagine Dragon and Unkle.
There is a lot to learn from Music and without music life is useless as Friedrich Nietzsche said
“Without music, life would be a mistake.”

Welcome to Steemit, I'm here to give you a vote on your very first comment! Great job engaging with the community!

Thank you so much for voting me, I really appreciate your comment.
we cannot succeed in any field of life without each other support, help. so we should welcome and motivate everyone because.
"A Journey of Thousands miles begins with a Single step"
~ Chinese Proverb

nice tips! but like what you've said, "You must find a mentor in your life, someone who can inspire you and help you not to go astray into tortuorous roads" that mentor is the one that I loved.

Welcome to Steemit, I'm here to give you a vote on your very first comment! Great job engaging with the community!

Hey there, I agree with you on entrepreneurship, it is a necessity. Yet I really have no idea how to do that in music because as you mentioned one needs to have the spirit of a businessman and quite frankly I do not have that. Neither do I think I may have that in the future because it a whole new character to be. I also am afraid of the consequences, since it may affect the way I look at art.

I also think this mentor idea of yours may cause some problems such as being dependent.

Thanks for the post.

Welcome to Steemit, I'm here to give you a vote on your very first comment! Great job engaging with the community!

This is so inspiring, I am waiting for your story eagerly, may be I'll find my success soon on right track.

Welcome to Steemit, I'm here to give you a vote on your very first comment! Great job engaging with the community!

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great post: "Building the road to success - Chapter 1"

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Your English is quite good, I look forward to reading more about the stages of your journey :)

Thank you! You are very kind. All the best!

Thanks for the article :)

Entrepreneurship is just an attitude and it’s not a sin to not have the spirit of a businessman, but it might be a sin to not attempt to learn how to become one.



You just upvoted someone who copypasted your post into the comment section...

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I will wait for the next chapter. I think it will help me to unleashed that 'enterpreneur spirit'. I am guitarist too. Thanks for this post!

Thank you friend! I think can help you!

Play any instrument is always good. Sometime, play any musical instrument is like feed your soul. @chbartist it's good to hear that you play guitar and sharing your knowledge with others. thump up to you, keep it up :)

Thank you!

"a mentor is always looking for people with positive attitudes"
I like this! :)
THere's no time to waste on negativity and people who don't have the vision when you have no option but to go for GOLD!

Thanks for the wordsbof wisdom.would be sure to follow along.

I also listened to Phil Collins, Stevie Wonder, Donna Summer. I like music.
Very inspiring your words. I will be attentive to your next publication, you captured my attention.

I will wait for the next chapter.
thanks for sharing

Much love @chbartist. i really needed to read this. My life has been sway to the left and right. Distraction after distraction has been my lot and all because I don't have a mentor. You've opened up a can of whipass. Thank you my sir..

''You have to learn how to be an Entrepreneur”. Truth! Passion is not always enough, you have to learn how to present your work in a way that people attach value to pay you enough for your work to be sustainable. Or else you will just have an expensive hobby. Love your article, looking forward to reading more.

Congrats! Keep it up ♥
God bless you 😇


Thank you!

well said, a mentor is a must to inspire and motivate. Just study is not enough but something beyond that is needed. Inspired from what you said .Keep posting more like this to uplift the motivation of all😊

I also agree with your statement.

Thank You!

for me if my heart is satisfied, then I am a successful person

Never put the guitar down.

Hard work is a key of success when u think I can do it so u can !! It feels like awesome to do some hard work in your life

I am someone who likes to hear, especially also write. I believe that in every writing we write, it will be good for others if we are serious and sincere in developing it. Because, that way, we feel enlightened and get more motivation. I think this post is one of them as I mentioned above.

Thank you for sharing.

Great article @chbartist I'll defiantly looking forward to your series :D

Nice article.. im totally agree with you.. sometimes you need someone to inspire and believe in yourself that you can do anything, nothing is impossible ^_^

It seems this platform will go along way to help people get the kind of freedom they are looking for to make money and follow their dreams.
If you feel passionate about your craft and dedicate time to it, share it and help other here on steemit, I honestly believe we are heading to a new way of funding our dreams.
People just need to get off the poor little me cart and contribute something to this world, ...because we all have something we're good at!
Good luck and thanks for your post.

Thank you for your words friend!

I love success stories! I will be happy to follow your blog

Thank You!

This is such a great post. I became an entrepreneur about 2 years ago. Its been a roller coaster of having to make decisions, what next to do and how to do and deliver it. Getting a mentor is sure one of the key things to do, as this person is going to be a guide and you know, somone that can put you on the right tracks. I see Entrepreneurship as a journey, you learn to get better at it daily,so it would be a great pleasure to learn from you(experiences, mistakes, challenges and your breakthrough). Looking forward to the next episode.

Thank you friend! All the best!

Very fascinating journey you've had. I do agree with the need of a mentor; but what i wish you have clarified is that these mentors do not necessarily have to be at a close emtional or physical distance. In other words, you could use Nelson Mandela, Pablo Picasso, Einstein as your mentors by jus tapping into their books and through their stories you may get access to your mentor's mentors and that is powerful. Cheers!

“You must find a mentor in your life, someone who can inspire you and help you not to go astray into tortuorous roads”

Believe what I'm about to tell you right now!
I truky love this post. Ive made several wrong choices in my life because of I wasn't guided by a mentor.
Thanks sharing this post. It deserves a resteem.

Thank you!

Excellent post ... Great example that you have given. That you keep having successes.

In my case I have several mentors. People who get the best out of me in many ways. for my musicality and passion for music it is my good friend Danny Samar, he is the example for me to go to the fullest to acomplish your goals. I deeply respect him for his view on life and his view on music. He inspire's me to hunt my own goals. We often talk about life and things that happen in our personal circumstances and every single time we do find out that things are happening for a reason... Strange but o so true... Thank you for your post,I can't wait to read the next one. Have a great day !!

The real mentors pick you. I agree. This is true in the hindustani classical indian music tradition. Teacher picks the student. Please keep these coming, very inspirational!

"diving is a precious teacher",your experience can be a motive for those who have not felt something like you feel ,,, especially myself who will learn from experience ,,, your experience is inspirational

I believe it was Tony Robbins who said, "Success leaves clues." Even those who have no direct access to a mentor can model the actions of those who have achieved success. A mentor is a great gift. Sometimes the wisdom they can offer is conveyed in just a few words or actions. Listen, learn, and be grateful when another is willing to share knowledge that you need.

hi, i just been approved by steemit and the first article i read is so inspiring...because im also into music and hopefully can achieve success in music... and to all steemerist (Im just playing with words, sorry if offend anyone ;} ) so nice and happy to join steemit.

Thank you, success!

This is true. thanks

Your article is well written, and I will continue to pay attention to you. I want to ask you how to do this steemit? What do you do to make your steemit get such a high income? I sincerely invite you to learn. We can make good friends, are here to help each other. Look forward to your reply, thank you!

Thank you so much for yours words!

Your English is quite good including your post too. An inspiration indeed to many especially your life story. I wish you success and feel free to check my posts for updates on crypto´s plus other interesting things . I wish you more success, upped.