The Words We Choose

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There is never enough time to do everything, but there is always enough time to do the most important thing.

--Brian Tracy

Few people, I think, would argue against the idea that words have power.

Words give shape to our thoughts. They speak to our emotions. They carry information, both inward and outward.

Words have the ability to lift us up and/or bring us down. They have the ability to change who we are. When we choose our words, we choose the shape of our thoughts. When we choose the shape of our thoughts, we choose the type of person that we want to be; we choose the kind of life that we want to live. When we make conscious decisions about the kinds of people we want to be and the kinds of lives we want to live, we begin to change ourselves; and by changing ourselves, we begin to change the world around us.

Just as one can work from the inside out to change his/her life, a person can also work from the outside in.

The way to work from the outside in is by making decisions about the information, the emotions, and the words that we allow to enter our subconscious being.

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I like the quote...but all that vinyl really caught my eye. Shannon Shaw, huh?


There’s this bar owner in town who is a vinyl nut. Having a drink at his counter is always an adventure in music. Shannon Shaw is one of his recent interests. I enjoyed what I heard.


I'll have to give her a listen. I like all sorts of music.

Quote is good and absolutely right 😊
We have enough time to do something special 😅


So long as you choose to do something special, you do. You’re right!