What Will be a Success for You?

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Success is one of the most popular concepts in the world. If you type in Search Engine the concept of success you will get over a billion mentions. Everyone wants to be successful, to feel the top of the world.
But, when did you last analyze the concept of success?

Most people, when they hear the term "success," immediately think of the physical context of the word, meaning more money, more titles, higher status, bigger cars and homes. This is indeed the part of the concept of success but is this the only dimension? Are the successful ones getting more physical things? More stuff materials? More decorations attesting to their quality?

In the concept of success, there is another, equally important part, which is moral success. Value success refers to our success in relationships, friendships, the cooperation we can create with the other, our tolerance and the service we give to our environment.

It is not really possible to separate the two parts that make up this concept, nor is it necessarily necessary. Success in its entirety is both, and one whole large. So many people are familiar to you that they are rich, well known and appreciated, but when you look closely at their level of satisfaction with their lives find a deep pit of sadness, loneliness and pain. Some of the most successful people I have known, are not they alike, so they can be a diploma on the wall and academic evaluation if its human Price is so high. On the other hand, there are so many people who have not completed a day in academia and their economic side is not really luxurious and yet they feel the most rich and happy in the world.

Another equally important question is, what creates what? What preceded what? The physical success in the moral or vice versa? In most cases it can be seen that value success is beneficial and greatly promotes physical success. In other words, people with a high and proven moral value in relationships make physical physics success easier. An example that simply explains this is to look at employees. Take an employee who functions in a forceful work environment, without curiosity and without creativity, what will be the results? Mostly very small. On the other hand, take the same employee and put him in a fun work environment, praises, appreciates and encourages creativity, what will you see then? Flowering and prosperity. He will have fun and his physical results and his power and motivation will grow accordingly.

It will never be easier for us to create material physical success as a result of a developed and productive space of value success. Value success is the basis for creating everything. From happy and satisfying relationships to money, recognition and a more comfortable life. When we act from the starting point of the value of success, the other thing that we gain is the way to our goal and not just the achievement of the goal itself. If on the way to make more money I also earn wonderful human relations, friendship, creative cooperation and fun, many times the money or the initial goal has become the secondary to the human profits I have created.

There are so many ways to create success and there is no one correct way. There are so many types of successes and there is no single success that has a higher value than another. Every goal you set for yourself and then make a way to reach it and then realize it is a success. The most important thing to remember is neither complete nor always pleasant and pleasurable. And value of success without physical success.

Well,, what will be a success for you?

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