How much is A SMILE?

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IN ONE of the evening newspapers of an important city, the following announcement appeared: 

"Well-presented woman or man needed." "Important Company." "Good salary." "Sotomayor Building, Apartment 306." 

Possibly many read the announcement and perhaps many also went to the indicated address, as presumptive candidates for employment in the "Important Company." The emphasis of the announcement was mainly on the good presentation, which made think of a work with the public, because in the deal with others is where good looks play a more definitive role. When saying "personal appearance," we ordinarily think of the hairstyle, the dress, the shoes, the nails and, in short, everything that concerns a neat and attractive garb. 

However, there are other factors that, together with the good presentation, complete, so to speak, the armor with which a young man or woman can enter, with greater probabilities of success, in the hard fight for social triumph. 

Let's talk, for example, about smiling. Undoubtedly the smile is like a lubricant for the great machinery of social relations. It makes us more friendly, more accessible and, why not say, more attractive. A sincere and generous smile dissipates, as if by magic, the dense clouds that so often hover over the firmament of our meetings, assemblies and, finally, over all the groups where there is more than one person and, naturally, more of an opinion. 

When a face lacks a smile, the features harden, the look becomes harsh and cold, and automatically repels friendship. That face seems to say: "Do not come near, do not talk to me, be careful with me." That is when it is said that we have "a face of few friends." 

Of course none of us would wish to have such an expression on his face. Nobody wants to have a repulsive or unfriendly appearance. However, we often forget to smile sincerely and frankly. I was recently in an elementary school and I heard a very melodious little song that, adorned with the tenderness and joy of the children's voices, became more pleasant to the ear. The children sang: 

Maybe hatred comes, 

and also reproaches; 

but in our lives they will not be able to enter. 

Well with joy 

they are challenged, 

because the smile can dominate 

Smile, even if you say nothing. 

Smile, for the world where you go. 

Smile, when you see everything badly. 

Smile, wherever you are.  

Another of the determining factors in the good presentation is the language. I mean our way of speaking. We know that "from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks" and that "gold apple with silver ornaments is the word spoken as it should be." Our language must be pure, meaning that the words we use must belong completely our language. It must also be correct, that is, the sentences must be well constructed and the words well pronounced. We could parody the popular saying, and say, "Tell me how you talk and I'll tell you who you are." Therefore, we should never use a language different from that of educated and careful people in their speech.   

We could parody the popular saying, and say, "Tell me how you talk and I'll tell you who you are." Therefore, we should never use a language different from that of educated and careful people in their speech. 

If the untidy hair is unpleasant or a dress with spots or broken shoes and without luster, it is no less a creeping or dissonant vocabulary. Language is the dress of our ideas and thoughts. Why wear them in rags if we can cover them with the most beautiful and splendid finery? Whoever wants a perfect personal appearance should take great care of their language. You should polish it, enrich it and use it only to say nice and useful things.   

I know a good friend of anyone who wants an abundant vocabulary. This friend has the advantage that he does not speak unless asked. But when he speaks he does it accurately and wisely. I want to present you. Maybe you know it just by sight. But he can help you navigate safely in the sea muddy language. It's the Dictionary. You can reach him confidently and ask him as much as you want. Ask him if the lexicon you use is authentic, and when you look at its pages, be amazed at the richness and sonority of this precious language that God has given us. Speak, talk as much as you want and anywhere, but speak well. Someone has said that "God has given us the language on condition that we speak beautiful things."   

Yes, it's true, a good personal appearance also includes a good smile and good language. And I do not doubt that you would be very happy to have an immaculate, impressive and attractive appearance. Do what I have told you and triumph will raise you on the pedestal of your light. 


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