Altcoin spotlight - Substratum!

in substratum •  10 months ago

I will start with Altcoin spotlights!

I have been quite successful so far, both in Bitcoin but also with altcoins. I know how boring it is to read white papers just to see if you like a coin or not. That's why I want to share a short, compact version of a chosen altcoin. So you don't have to read the whole white paper to grasp the main concept. As always - this is not financial advice and you cannot trust my posts when you are investing. This is just my personal opinion on the coins.

My first coin for today. Substratum - Decentralize the web!

It's built upon the Ethereum network and their main purpose is to give access to any user around the world to any website (almost). They will be able to do that through decentralized nodes on peoples computers. Everyone who runs a Substratum Node gets paid via cryptocurrency each time they serve content. It's easy to participate, and it helps build a better, more open internet.

Example - I won't use my computer between the hours of 2am-7am and every weekend I won't use it between 3am-10am. This gives me an opportunity to make money, through running a Substratum node when I don't use my computer. In other words you rent out your bandwidth and will be rewarded with tokens for it.

My first on this project was a bit more negative. "Great... Now will a lot of people have access to bad, bad sites, possibly illegal sites as well. But through a user voting system, they will take down sites that are not legal. All decentralized, not even the Substratum team decides what is taken down or not. Be aware that they haven't explained fully how this is going to work, waiting for that update.

I got a positive vibe from the whole Substratum team, it's a very experienced team. They have been code monkeys or machines if you like it for over 13 years, they know what they are doing. And that is a very big part for me at least. Anyone can have a vision, but you need the right team to pull it off.

I don't know where you are from, but where I am from I can access almost every site I want to go to, I don't really need Substratum. But. This kind of luxury doesn't apply on every country. There are people out there, for example in China who can't access everyday sites as Facebook, Google, Instagram, Youtube or Amazon. All because of their government have decided to block these sites. But they won't be able to block Substratum as they can ban VPN and Tor (probably), since they don't require any hardware or software for it to run. For me that's a key element to take into consideration.

This was a short description of Substratum - I couldn't cover it all so if this is something you like, head over to their page and read their white paper and join their community.

Stay tuned for the next altcoin spotlight!

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