Yes mine too has increased and can't understand the reason behind it. Can uh out.

I don't really think anyone knows the reason why it rose so high to be honest.

Seems every alt which was half way decent had a surge at some point over the past week, Steemit just happened to be today.

But why did SBD rise instead of STEEM? STEEM is the much more obvious candidate for such a rise in my opinion.

SBD has the unique property that it is always worth at least $1 worth of Steem so it makes a good place to park some crypto to wait for a ride up or down. That along with it having no fee to send and the speed of the STEEM blockchain I am not supprised it is going to go up even higher. That will attract more people to join steem to try to earn them and then MOON and party blogs galore.

Ah, thanks for explaining! It must be pretty nice for traders to have a currency with a floor like the SBD does.

@blockchainttmft With the massive gains in bitcoin I bet a lot of people are using that new gains to pick up a few other coins and the cycle continues it is indeed an interesting time to be alive.

Korea + Bitcoin moon + altcoin fomo == :-D

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