Summer Vacation Memories

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The crickets are starting much to early tonight and an exceptionally cool breeze just swept over my legs for the first time since early spring. Is summer really over? I must have blinked. I'm glad I promised this post. I'm enjoying the mood it's putting me in. It was a wonderful summer vacation full of nature's beauty, new beginnings, and drumming with friends.

We started off with a few days at Lake Dillion, Colorado. The lake is about a two hour drive for us.
Lake Dillion.JPG

The room had a great view off the deck as well as from the bed.
Dillion Lake from Bed. Inside.JPG

We did have one disappointment and learned you need at least a month and preferably two to reserve one of the marina's boats. We came to ride bikes and get on this cold mountain reservoir water. Our time here went too fast but we were still happy to to be out and around the water in absolutely perfect weather.


A few days after coming home we found ourselves investing in a warehouse.
Pueblo building and us in front - Copy.jpg

Wharehouse. Outside.jpg

Wharehouse, Panographic View. Inside.jpg

Half the building is already rented by a tenant who makes beautiful Colorado style furniture from beginning to end. He cuts his own logs and hauls them out. He then debarks, planes, builds, sands and finishes the new piece. I can see a #treetuesday post possibility that might be interesting for @old-guy-photos.


The location of this property is only ten minutes from the reservoir and has a large yard and wide gates that can easily store a boat right where the bunny is. The wheels are turning in my head. I think I'll have a special request of Santa this year.
Wharehouse Bunny and Logs.jpg

Debbie on djuns - Copy.png

I joined my drumming friends and played a couple of city festivals. This one was for recovering addicts.
Screenshot (9).png

Screenshot (26).png

Promotors of the event opened it by encircling the park with motorcycle clubs who support and promote programs for addiction. It was loud and cool!

Recovery Festival - Copy.png

My two sister's visit topped of my summer fun. I'll share more about their time here in the next post.
JJJ Balloon Fest on Blanker - Copy.jpg

Thank you @coff33a for your invitation to share my summer memories on this #sublimesunday.


Oh wow! Congrats on the warehouse. That sure looks like it need a boat sitting right know to make it look complete! LOL

Any news on the camera?

I just went to your Amazon site. I was thinking about getting the Google Pixel 3a cell phone for the great camera and the price is almost as much as the lumix kit. Maybe that's what I should get since I really don't NEED a phone, mine still works...poorly. I'm surprised at the price of the lumix and how much camera and equipment you can get for under 5oo. The guy at Best Buy led me to believe good camera's start at 1200. Does this one have stabilization? Are you happy with yours?

Oh that guy is totally wrong. Cameras that are not expensive have really come up in quality. Every video I post is made with the Panasonic Lumix G7. It even does 4k but I don't see the need to use that as the files are so large.

See I though you were after tiny. My G7 is very light and compact as it is mirrorless. In fact Ben calls it a toy coz it is small and light.

No the days of spending big money on a camera are long gone. It does a great job of photos in my opinion and I often get compliments on the video quality.

I have used mine nearly every single day since November 2015 and never had an issue. As you know I don't baby it. I don't try to abuse it but I take it hiking, kayaking. I get it messy in the kitchen filming cooking vids lol.

The cool thing is that if you go to my store and buy anything that is not listed we get credit within 24 hours. So if a guy buys toilet paper within 24 hours... Bingo you get a tiny bit lol

Good to know, thanks.

This is the camera you use most often? For videos too? I don't know anything about mirrors and camera and am not sure I want to know anything about cameras...they are so not me...or I should say,haven't been.

I'm going to wait until October when they release the new cellphone/cameras with stabilizing. Is this the camera you are referring to? I read the questions people asked but I didn't see anything about stabilization.

Ritz Camera Panasonic DMC-G7KK Digital Single Lens Mirrorless Camera 14-42 mm Lens Kit 4K, Accessory Bundle, Polaroid 64GB, Polaroid 72" Professional Tripod, Filter Set, Battery, Charger, Camera Bag and Extras,Black,Deluxe

Wow...that looks like you had a fun day nice to see....really is summer over already over there i am so glad i live in Thailand don't have to worry about winters...hehe 🌞

Thailand definitely has its pluses as you have shown me but I think I would miss winter...a little anyway. Right now I'm not ready.

It is nice i agree but not when it comes around so quick then it doesn't look to ☹️

And quickly it comes in Colorado. The length of our summers has always been a negative for me.

How sad get them log fires

These photos are really lovely summer memories with your sisters and nice lake.

It was a lovely summer and now it's time for a lovely fall...agree?

Looks like you had a wonderful summer. The view of the lake, and the view from the room are awesome. They took my breath away.
Glad that you caught up with your sisters.
Good luck with your investment.

Thank you. The view from the room was just what the doctor ordered. I'm not sure why I have had such a desire to be around water lately.

Could it be that water soothes. I like to be near water too. If it is the beach, I like to hear the waves lapping. If it is a stream, I like to hear the water flowing. If it is a lake, I will find it peaceful and serene. 😊

I've never found water soothing before or maybe I had never noticed that I was calmer and happier after being around water. I don't know what changed in me, possibly because I haven't been around any water for 3 or 4 years. I used to visit my mother in Florida every year until she passed and always stayed beach side. Possibly I'm missing something I've been taking for granted. What ever is the reason I'm on the look out for vacation trips with water.

I guess we go through phases in life. And something which we do not like at one time, we begin to appreciate them at another point in our lives. Maybe that is what is happening to you. 😊

Such lovely time with family! Lots of nice memories!

I'm still smiling from all the fun I had.

What a fun day had nice to get together with family and friends !!

I know summer came, lit up a bit and went away again in a blink of an eye this year. Congratulations on the warehouse, looking forward to seeing what you fill it with.

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