SKI - My missjudged situation 😁 try not to laugh!

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Happy sunday amazing peeps 🤗

Hope your weekend is treating
you well and that you are
happy and smiling 😊


Do you have any memory of a
certain situation where you thought
things were different than the reality?

That you thought you were awsome at something that you really wasn't?

Or is it just me? 😂

This is my missjudged
situation 🤪




When I hear the word SKI,
it brings me back to when I
was a kid and we had
this big ski slope close to home.

Me and my siblings went there alot
in the winter and spended all
day sliding down.


Could do this all day and I always
loved snow and being outside.

As I grew older I wanted to learn
to ski for real, so I went to a trip with
my brother and some friends to a ski trip
and I was really excited and didn't know
I was the only one who couldn't ski.


First day my friends took turns
teaching me how to ski and I knew
I was a pain and all they all really
wanted was to ski and not
babysit me 😁 lol

But in my head I was now

Awsome at skiing..


But in the reality I really wasn't
and couldn't turn

AT ALL...🙈 Lol

And when I got scared and
thought it got a little to fast,
I just stuck me down and of course
that was a mistake as it did get even
faster and I prayed that Noone would
get in my way as I probably
would run them over
😁 hahaha


After second day I was SOO FRUSTRATED,
as I was past the harvesting by
small children and I felt like I was
the only one who couldn't ski




Then I met a woman that was
incredibly sweet, and she took
her time to teach me the basics
and I finally got the stopping
and turning right....

I was so Grateful!


Thinking now that I understood
it all perfectly and had it covered

I thought I was really good at this point,
and wanted to show my brother
how Awsome I had become...
OYE!! 😂 Lol

I thought the childrens slope was
just to lame, so I decided to take
another bigger one to
show off 🙈

I really shouldn't.

I started skiing and it was going
really well, and then I stopped and
my brother was impressed, but then
I was turning and really happy
about making it,


-"Turn the other Way NOOOW"

my brother said.....

But to late 😲


There were lots of trees and of
course I had to get stuck between
the 2 BIGGEST ones 🙈

and one leg stuck high up and
the other lower and I was
half hanging.

I felt like an idiot and everyone
was laughing after making
sure I was ok.


And then...SUDDENLY ....

All snow from the top just fell down on me and I was completely covered and completely embarrassed.


After that I have honestly never been
going on any ski trip again...


I Still LOOVE the snow

Alot tho 😁


That was my experience for ya'll,
and I learned my lesson the


COLD way

😂 Hahahaha


Original writing by @saffisara


Have a wonderful evening and week ahead.

May it be filled with joy
and blessings ❤️


Much Love to Ya'll 💋

No matter how crazy things
arearound us
DON’T forget to SMILE



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Hey lovely lady 💐😘 hope you are well and staying safe too. Sending you lots of love and hugs 🤗

Hey Lovely Clitadias 🥰 soo good to see you. Hope you are doing well and having a wonderful week.
Im doing well but to much at work right now and much over time... Makes me exhausted and been sleeping alot 🤪 LOL

Stay Awsome and much love to You 🤗🥰❤️🌹😘

Heya beautiful friend 😘😍🥰💐 as always, lovely to hear from you too!! I can imagine how much extra work goes in even during these times. Don't work so much, rest too. You need a break 💐🤗 sending you truckloads of love and hugs 💖❤️💚💛🧡💐🤗

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