Sublime Sunday - New Year

Today marks one month at my first full-time job. I applied at a call center and got an interview on the same day. I spent four hours there that day since there were also numerous assessments I had to take.

After the interview, they said now we want you to do a second interview in a group setting tomorrow. I was nervous since I knew group interviews weren't one of my strengths. Anyway, I kept repeating in my head that this was a competition, and I needed to do my best.

I got hired the day of my second interview.

I had to work on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, but I didn't mind it since I was thankful for the job.

Here are pictures of some of the food I bought yesterday.

Muscle milk, great for keeping you awake even though there isn't any caffeine. It's like $6 each.


2 for $1 mini-pies! Great for lunch or anytime.


Bananas B-A-N-A-N-A-S in reference to Gwen Stefanie's Hollaback Girl song which spells it out for you haha


Fresh mangoes for anytime of the year


Here's a picture of my golden waving cat to help bring in money for everyone in the new year! It seems to be working for me.



Working New Years is a tough call, but congratulations on the new Job . Loads of tasty fruits too, I hope 2020 is good to you.

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great to see you posting again great post buddy congratulations on getting that job!!

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