Pumpkins, Ghourds and A Little Story...Oh My!

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What better way to celebrate a #sublimesunday right before Halloween than with some pumpkins, ghourds and a little story. I thought I would do a full week of Halloween type posts and this is day two. I'm, honestly, not 100% certain that I can do a full week but I'm gonna give it a darn good try! On to some pumpkins and ghourds and edits! Oh, and my little story also!





More pumpkins because it is for Halloween after all!




Oh my ghourd-ness! Ha ha...couldn't help myself!





A Little Story!

My story is, actually, centered around Thanksgiving but it does involve a pumpkin or more precisely a pumpkin pie. A vegan pumpkin pie that my daughter made for her aunts (on the other side of the family) Thanksgiving dinner. One hundred percent homemade and spent a lot of time on. It was one fine looking pie too. When she got home from the dinner that night, she brought the entire pumpkin pie home and was a bit down because after spending so much time making the pie, everyone at the dinner was too stuffed of turkey and trimmings goodness that they had no room for pie. I know...unheard of! Anyway, I told her that was fine and I would be happy to help eat that lovely pie. I cut a "small" slice and (man my mouth was watering) took a bite. Oh my ghourd-ness! One bite was enough. It was possibly the worst pie that I've had in my life and I got a bunch of years in that life. We promptly threw the pie away. The moral of my little story is this...that you sometimes have to look for that silver lining. It's there but you may not see it right away. She was so upset about no one eating her pie but if they had she would've probably been more upset by harsh comments after putting so much time and money into it. So, her silver lining was that they stuffed themselves silly and had no room for that pie. My silver lining was that I got the pie which turned out to be terrible and not so much a silver lining for me. So, as I see it...I am owed a pumpkin pie...a good one...with whipped creme! Just kidding! I can take away the laughs we had (later) over that pie as my silver lining and that she never ever ever try that recipe again! 😏



Thank you @c0ff33a for #sublimesunday!!





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Thanks so much @pixresteemer!! 🙂

Haha, too funny!

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Thanks so much @violetmed!! Glad it made you laugh! 😉

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Thank you very much @bearbear613!! 🙂

So Warholist! I just love Halloween especially the smell and taste of Pumpkin pie!

Thanks so much @kerrislravenhill!! Arrgghhh...pirate cooking...me loves it!! ☠️ 😁