The Reason Why You Get Poked On Facebook

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Many times on Facebook I would see posts by women asking why are they being poked, what good is a poke? Why did Facebook create it and why do they continue to keep? I took the time to analyze this concept and came up with a few answers for what they're experiencing and why.</p>

In my opinion, with respect to how I've dabbled with it, I've figured it's whatever it's purpose is for said situation. If you've received a random poke from a stranger or someone whom you don't or never had correspondence with, it's like a "Hey, just letting you know that I noticed you, just saying hi (an introduction to interest). It's their way of making you aware of their presence, with a little hope that you would reply in some way.

If you're familiar with this "friend" it's more of a "Hey stranger, remember me?" Haven't heard from you in a while. Perhaps trying to rekindle some form of lost or passed interest.

Now, if you're wearing something hot, revealing or provocative then yes, you should expect a couple of pokes and they would be self explanatory. Indicating exactly what some of them would like to do, poke you. This is particularly why it's an unwritten taboo in between alpha-hetero men THERE IS NO POKING!

One thing I find peculiar is the "suggested pokes". I mean why would there be a need for Facebook to suggest people for you to poke? It should come from a genuine or spontaneous place. Hey, anything to push along traffic, I guess.

In my opinion the word poke in itself brings on some form of weird sexual innuendo. It makes people aloof and left to their imagination to come up with their interpretation of the word which triggers their sense of narcissism giving poking the impression it's creepy instead of taken for what it is, a poke.

The definition of poke

You ever poke a person on their side and they jump? But now they're aware of you. Just like in the real world most people are not happy with being poked.

You don't have to worry. You'll never receive a Norm Deplume poked you notification. Lol!

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