#STWT Show 19 - Steemit Ask Me Anything Post for the Show!!!

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Submit your Questions for Show 19 of #STWT and Have Your Questions Answered Live on Air!

Please Submit Questions to Be Answered Live on Air.

I will be broadcasting Spitting Truth with Titus at 10pm Eastern Tonight. I will be regularly broadcasting this on Saturday now, normally starting at 9pm, but this week I need an extra hour to get read for the show.

I want to mainly cover the Google Censorship going on, and how to defeat it. So naturally I will be discussing blockchain technology, steemit, dtube, bitchute and alternative search engine platforms like duck duck go, and startpage. I just want to hammer google tonight because they censored my main YouTube channel and they are not allowing me to upload for three months because I provided alternative information regarding #PedoGate and #LasVegas. See my previous posts showing you the strikes for "bullying" which is ridiculous.

Anyways, I always look forward to answering your questions submitted via steemit and patreon. This is a massive incentive for my YouTube subs to join these two platforms to get their questions answered live on air. It also lets me interact with the steemit community and the patreon community in a fun and unique way, and you ladies and gentleman always come up with great questions.

Thanks again, and please tune in tonight at 10pm Eastern (+5 GMT) for the live show below:

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- Albert Einstein

I confused ask that any question..@titusfrost.

thanks for your utmost and necessary steps in steem, you guys are keep alive the crypto world.

Learn about bitcoin-fork in November.

Dr. Steven Greer..Unacknowledged...thoughts...