#STWT Intro Show 140: The George Floyd Psyop - The Path to New World Order Automated Robotic Police

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#STWT Intro Show 140: The George Floyd Psyop - The Path to New World Order Automated Robotic Police

Dlive Replay: https://dlive.tv/p/titusfrost+Cdkd29zGR

Enjoy My YouTube Video:

STWT Intro 140...

This is the intro for #STWT show 140, for which the theme is the chaos and the order, how the Hegelian dialectic is leading us towards a future New World Order with an automated robotic police force.

The Illuminati want the chaos, to bring forth the order.

Song is "Someday" by Prismo: https://soundcloud.com/prismomusic/prismo-someday-1

Video Intro Links and extra clips I considered using: https://pastebin.com/KQh7507c

Show Notes on Hive:

Intro 140 Videos:

  1. Potus Walk: https://twitter.com/KristinFisher/status/1267593490650849282?s=20

  2. CNN White people have a virus: https://twitter.com/ImperatorTruth/status/1266453766913613825?s=20

  3. Justice Center on fire: https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1266615335240830976?s=20

  4. Media Staging BS shooting and caught: https://twitter.com/TxGodmotherIII/status/1266484025461530624?s=20

  5. CNN gets "arrested" in larp arrest: https://twitter.com/MisterAntiBully/status/1266316413351997440?s=20

  6. Not Happy: https://twitter.com/MarielleMohs/status/1266419658212757504?s=20

  7. Based: Based Gun Owners: https://twitter.com/ezralevant/status/1266131437436231681?s=20

  8. Not Unruly? https://twitter.com/DailyCaller/status/1266223410008514562?s=20

  9. Cops v People in NYC: https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1266133660467675137?s=20

  10. 3rd Precinct is out: https://twitter.com/Julio_Rosas11/status/1266214798326464513?s=20

  11. Hot summer: https://twitter.com/rooshv/status/1266175943841849345?s=20

  12. Minneapolis on fire: https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1266197959152107528?s=20

  13. Driver gone crazy: https://twitter.com/bellers03/status/1266174838374313992?s=20

  14. Antifa stole an AR and then a hero steps in: https://twitter.com/mel_faith1/status/1267159071456727045?s=20

  15. Corona Chan is over: It's over: https://twitter.com/jus1_kimberely/status/1266191147388547072?s=20

  16. Hillary Crimes in 30 seconds: https://twitter.com/o_rips/status/1267535017829216257?s=20

  17. Blow you away authorized: https://twitter.com/FOX13News/status/1267539936401592320?s=20

  18. Code 8: https://twitter.com/ImperatorTruth/status/1267482668435943426?s=20

  19. GTFO: https://twitter.com/LegendaryEnergy/status/1267352290920329218?s=20

  20. oops: https://twitter.com/EdbrohamLincoln/status/1267440028235509763?s=20

  21. Tanker: https://twitter.com/o_rips/status/1267270883300659200?s=20

  22. Crazy: https://twitter.com/ImperatorTruth/status/1267435049378557953?s=20

  23. Joker: https://twitter.com/rafagrassetti/status/1266978347097059328?s=20

  24. I can sum up this whole thing: https://twitter.com/4TheCulture____/status/1266928589561311234?s=20

  25. Batman: https://twitter.com/TxGodmotherIII/status/1266912827194949632?s=20

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