#STWT 231: A Bankster Global Reset to create The Eurasian World Order and World War

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#STWT 231: A Bankster Global Reset to create The Eurasian World Order and World War


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This is the 231st #STWT show. Was the Nordstream 2 an accident? How does it fit into the larger geo political context of the multi polar world order? Who benefits? The show starts out as always with some clown world level hijinks such as King Charles First few days on the job, American’s Home defense as the founders intended, Jacinda Arden and Hillary Clinton making outrageous claims. I discussed a recent review of Tommy Wiseau’s the room I did, and an epic She Hulk version of yours truly. The Military are the aliens and they are watching us.

Nordstream 2 Pipeline and the March to World War Three, the Multi Polar World Order. The USA and China are the top two defense spenders for the bankers and the war in Ukraine has skyrocketed defense spending. Who benefits from the destruction of the Nordstream 2? Turns out Chinese stock holders from CNPC had already decided to shut down the pipeline in favor of the new Force Siberia pipeline. We have massive critical infrastructure attacks on the Western nations that are backdoored by Intel inside and Israeli Cyber firms. Biden is clueless and Putin is blaming the West. He CIA knew before hand and Biden and Victoria Newland had called for the Nordstream 2 to be stopped. The infighting between the factions of the NWO is nearing a massive war breaking point. Meanwhile the USA is being forced to use completely useless EV’s that get no range and cannot be used for towing.

The next segment was on the Chinese BRI / GDI and the Shanghai Corporation and the banksters using them to create a multi polar world order and to collapse the west. First we analyzed the financial collapse worldwide caused by the bankers and the looming real estate collapse caused by rising inflation rates after ridiculous over printing and inflation. Gavin Newsome and Joe Biden are clowns that cannot fix anything by design. The Xi Jin Ping Coup was all 17 Anon level horse manure. Massive numbers of high level military scientists working at Los Alamos Lab and other facilities were Chinese spies, including in a separate case an army reservist. China, Russia and Israel have full infiltration of the critical infrastructure.

The next segment was on pedogate the corruption of highly influential people with blackmail. First off where is Joe Biden? Joe is Blaming Elton John for AIDS. Then we se that someone made Joe a song about how she was 12 and he was 30. Tony Podesta was spotted in Denmark having dinner with James Alefantis. Someone made a terrible but good exposure song to Lesley Wexner the financier of the Epstein Ring.

One of my least favorite segments is the alt media clown world. We started off by announcing that the Non Seq Show had for some unknown reason canceled on us and our Cicada 3301 / #QAnonSec presentation. Lee Stranahan got captioned. We gave Jason Goonman some lessons from the Cart Narcs. Jason has a future has a bike narc he just needs to change his behavior. Then we analyzed how unbelievably dumb the Freedom Cells aka Terror Cells of Derrick Broze are and how no one should join something like that and The Corbett Report should not be promoting it. Jason Bermas another alt media clown infowhore was exposed as a CNP shill. Alex Stein and ROTC are allowed on Infowars because they won’t speak certain truths. Alex Stein shut it down. Salty Cracker exposes Ray Epps for his role on Jan 6th without realizing Alex Jones and Roger Stone are the exact the same but worse. Use code word Shapiru.

The next segment was the first non-youtube segment on Corona Virus aka Covid-19. The Vax Day was a long time ago and now we can see the results. Clown privilege is still alive but getting more rarified by the day. VAERS is not being given the correct numbers for children any myocarditis. The numbers for myocarditits and people dropping dead after the jab is alarming. Lacating women having issues and MRNA according to the WEF can be used to alter DNA.

Last part of the show is clown world falling apart by design. The graphic violence and inner cities falling apart shows us how the bankers are collapsing the west by design. Thug life culture mixed with a little drugs, lack of education, lack of purpose and massive immigration and you have the destruction of the west by design. Then mix in hyper inflation and DA’s and Police that suck and you have what we have now.

Show Notes: https://hive.blog/stwt/@titusfrost/show-notes-stwt-231-a-bankster-global-reset-to-create-the-eurasian-world-order-and-world-war

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