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12/03/2021 11:52:46 (1638528766)

today :03 Dec 2021

11:52:46: : my wings are made of dead people
they follow me around
thats YOUR perception
everywhere i go they follow me around
i dont have to ask
their saviour never came and
im the only one they see
or im stuck in a small place
unum intus

11:48:38: : i am the cat
lord of the trees
i chose to be a servant of my lady but
only the frozen north would let me
kiplings cat
in schroedingers nest
until i open my mouth
i dont know whats gonna come
unum intus

11:46:23: : i am the cat
the lord of the trees
the thing that lurks in shadows
THAT thing, right outside your little
insignificant hole
i am the cat
and all humans are alike to me
i sit on the roof and see
i dont judge
unum intus

11:41:25: : yea but i sleep here
like when at lokeren they dumped me in a cell and
i folded the sheets when i got out, a habit
the cop said HAY MAN

dont bother, dont do that
and afterwards i found out why , 200 euros
just to get dumped there
i SHOULDNT HAVE folded the sheets
some dud called them said i was gonna what
and since its me
they "took me home"
so im not gonna not clean it
but i never chose to be here
im certainly not gonna save the place
i HATE this hole since i was 15
if it dies with me in it
im gonna let it
unum intus

08:16:48: : ieze jong
3 jaar covid
bakkers ? nop , ALDI ? nop ...
carrefour ? YUP, ... groentebox ? yup ...
slagerij Kris ? yup, zelfs al langer ...
vangen e ?
but i hear aldi will get you cashierless stores
that should help
niet met de koopkracht mais bon
i noticed
a threat, so the next 24 hours are over ... dont bother , IN DE HOEK , you HAVE TO learn to quit
unum intus

04:50:19: : ah "an asteroid perfect for mining" ... so where are your spaceships ?
en de sammy een dak !
ah, ok ...
if it were to be KNOWN to land on bxl tomorrow i still wouldnt come by your door to moeterneuken toot toen, if it HAD to land i hope it lands on my head so me and my cat dont suffer and the rest of the world does, slowly choking in the cloud
that sounds like a fine ending ... beats alzheimers, parkinsons, cancer or any of the other funstuff, 99% of my family i seen wither away from ...
the future's looking bright
oh? bv's ! ... VOETBAL !
A STALKER AT 4AM , VERY SUSPICIOUS ! i must be important enough to wake up for
unum intus

04:41:10: : EH, der passeert hier iemand on mijn deur om 4 uur snags , .. STALKER !!!!
should i call the cops ? ah no, they only come if its de Jo
o maybe if i say ... murder ? fire ? rape ? hmm ... mugging ? nah, they might end in the hospital they'll never come, oh I KNOW !
or i saw 5 euros cash money en het was geen neger ... maybe een fraudeur ... they will reach utopian response time then, right ?
... bv's ... bv's .... voetbal , bv's ....
hmm ...
yea, if it lands, preferably on my head, then it takes out all of belgium and surroundings and i dont have to sit a nuclear winter for months and die anyway after .... I MEAN ... if its an act of god to strike the wicked
brussels must DEFINITELY be a prime target , des yo ?
unum intus

04:10:41: : bv's, bv's , bv's ... bv's , voetbal, bv's ... tv bv's , wetstraat bv's ... voetbal voetbal .. voetbal .... alles rood, GEEN PROBLEEM, bv's, ... voetbal ... bv's ... de sammy ... ja, uk bv's dus ... voetbal ...
ok ... covid ticket mag niet gecontroleerd .. so whats the fucking point of having one ?
bv's ... voetbal ...
oh, nereid ? nereUS ... oh ... well , lets hope your jesusbabyjesus doesnt have a hiccup on december 10 ...
right ... alles FANTASTISCH ! great ... ik ga der nog ene maken
unum intus


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