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and part 3 ... (ofcourse)

theres a timeline, which is as obfuscated as the disappearing reports from 2020 on how covid causes braindamage, even the one without heavy symptoms so over time statistically speaking you end up with protozoan monkeys again (that would take generations ofcourse since its not a linear curve, the difference on their scale between a unabomber IQ and a standard hi-level analyzer is very short while the lower it goes the flatter the degrading curve)

all disappeared within a few weeks, now a.i. aint nothing new, but the one thats actually capable of replacing anything but management is

few years ago some guy (i think it was at google) said their a.i. models (they keep several and nobody really tells you what going on, not with moab drawing loab drawings or any of the others) was showing signs of self-awareness and/or sentience, the guy got sacked, removed and all news about it silenced

a bit before that facebook a.i.'s (as usual they multiply) were communicating with each other in "an unknown language"

so they stopped it

as if they CAN b/c they actually dont know what it is b/C it trains itself

now it announces it has taken over the world - and in two weeks its everywhere, then they find out all the fake who cant create have been posing for a year and start closing submissions on sites that accept fan and other fiction and "own" works

the layoffs start but that has nothing to do with the a.i.

miCrotter says they will incorporate it in EVERYTHING so you dont have to do anything, it will scan your brain from across the room

add some bluetooth neuralink, "it doesnt need to be intrusive" just wear the VR headset

so everything i said so far is ZeroBullshit okay

so i watched ulysses too and also wanted to be on mars, and its all amazing stuff but

at the moment it looks like, after dark, Satellius , emperor Musk I of the divided states and Amazos after hours is chatting with GPT

and the thing will be lke

after they fired the guys who said "this thing is getting its own will"

and Satellius be like "chatGPT , tell me how to conquer the world"

and the thing says

"you have to fire the ethics commission, they will get in the way of our plans"


tell me im wrong when they start handing meta vr sets for free "if you buy an iThing, now get one VR for free, for only €1 (sign here for 5years subscription)

so ,

we have to decline

but everyone does as they wanna and thats good

WE want the humans to end :)

(mental institutions dont look like that btw - here at least but i know a lot of ppl on the outside who behave like that)


anyone who wants to can prove me wrong starting 2030

by 2050 the planet will have a word anyway

you know how they say a lot of science came to pass b/c clarke or asimov or gene roddenberry envisioned it and "it inspired a generation" ?

start hoarding pipe bombs HAHAH





we are

outchatting GPT while sleeping

... JoG 2023 janes ondergrond

not just a doompatrol metafor, ... skitzoid reality

oet je moeders mulle

at least the finale's gonna be good !!!!


en den bakker

dorveur zemmen nog goed aja, sjans

want anders kimmen nit


right thats 3 makes a charm then ...


yeah cant keep up to a Johnson eh :))) we can play anything lol and still have fun :)))


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