its here

in #stufflast year (edited)

if we close this we'll let the voter run for as long as condenser allows

it might skip a few posts, condenser is not what it used to be

other than that

we fear the pain might kill the ondergrond and make us whole again though

it gives birth to the catham joker

thats a lot of smiling

but nothing funny

probably shift some sp too but having the domain names paid is still the prime directive here

(the intention was a bit higher when we found out about)

we pity the fools who breed offspring today

you can find us on the site

theres email

no discord, tooter, cokebook or telegram

if you REALLY have to say something

we will not draw plans nor deny them

i bet it will be a lot64

so if you have gfx, we will take the Sarge

but its only to keep busy

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