Fa sho - all just a little bit

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of history repeating ...

9gag - i dont look for months at anyting but open up 9gag looking for a crypto-gag and im immediately "down with the world again" ...

E yo its me
im back
im the guy who killed your family
and this is my wife
you might remember her
she took all your money and bought shoes with it
we are back ..



vote US !

... humans ... not just cuz my cuz lives there with the wife, i found Duterte to be a most interesting character since day one. And still is ... leaving all bru-ha and people in suits aside, living in a poor country you cant go wrong with shooting dealers and junkies AND letting the vigilantes do their part (like the mericans do at the mexican border)
but this guy is just a level+ there, and face it, to go against REAL mafia and cartels you need a certain alloy for balls - take a look at the last 60 years of Italy ...

or colombia ... or


its not like im pro or contra, i just think the guy is REALLY interesting , way levels of interesting more than 99.9% of earths politicians but this "yo i'ts me, Marcos, im back" part ...

well, humans shouldnt amaze me anymore

but they still
sometimes .... do this "thing" like they do where

well you get #stuff like this

i bet if they did it here or anywhere, shoot both junkies AND dealers AND make them fair game for triggerhappy citizens it would be really popular too in no time ...

sound political strategy , if only that

and true, .... well hes just

a bad motherfucker lol ... most interesting, and then

they pop it in my eye, suddenly : omicron ?

i quit following since its all about either politics or the middle class who thinks "they had enough" , no more science and the same old "its the unvaccinated" newsletters

this thing looks like "a bit fresh"

already borders closed , im guessing the same hot beds that got it last year will get it this year too

so that includes brussels

BUT i also guessing tehre will be NO lockdowns , unless by the time its way too late


it gets that far, which is all a big question mark.

But in the end, considering how mutation really works, anyone who realizes just how lucky humans have been in the past two years that the theoretical "omega" hasnt popped up at millions of transmissions per hour globablly

should drop some jaw

And here you are, iPeds, going to mars after 130.000 years of picking up a brick to whack a fucker in the skull

and call it the dawn of civilization.

Bested, if not just vying for top-of-the-food-chain with something thats not even an organism BUT

in theory

could make it to mars the same time humans do, while its only 2 years old as a species, if it just piggybacks

mind boggling , the mighty human empire

and its not even an organism, its a string of data that plugs into the code of your operating system. The genetic code, the literal programming that makes you who you are ?

It just gets inthere, and uses your system itself to reproduce. It cant do ANYTHING by itself, hell, if left alone it dies in 48 hours or less, it doesnt actually "die" since its not an organism, it just disintegrates ..

b/c thats all it is : a string of data that gets inserted into the code of your OS (they probably found the name after thinking of computer viruses (haha lol) ...)

and still its euhm

travelled the planet in 30 days, then nearly took it over

still holds it in a chokehold and now

is back to

"well its a question mark, we cant say"-stage

I wont be caught in either pro- or contra- vaccination slurs

everyone can decide for themselves and considering even the original strain could reinfect (but they kept that quiet for at least a year) , only the later ones got better at it ,
caution is still ichiban ... the vaccine is just a bonus for when you get unlucky (thats how i see it)

it doesnt stop transmission on a global scale and as long as there IS transmission anywhere on the planet it just wont go away

such is reality

eh bon ...

i remember why i stopped reading news and letters but now filippines picked my attention lol

like "yo im back, its me, the guy who killed your family"

thats like belgian politics only

with more dead people, heh

in a way -


short attention span young man

i suppose omicron will be clear by february since


"its just aaaall the way in wuhan" as they said

in december

and mundanes just do that

that zombie routine

over again


i still have my fp3 's and my faceshield

on your marks

get set ...



they havent labelled it omega yet so

its not GO ... there's room for improvement

(too much ? )

Atari ...

hmm nevermind

hmm ?

p.s.e. ?


wellll ... similarities might occur ... janes onderground is always on the borderline of somethjing isnt it ?

Im very well aware that im often misunderstood and even more so since this is not america but the internet mostly is. "the duterte song" alone is probably enough to be nsfw (not here ...) and considered distasteful, not HELLACOOL JIMMICKY and masterly montage et concept , and even if its just one of me not royal plural talking about the weather its still speaking in tongues, but we allllll got over that long ago.

No matter what i say, there's always gonna be someone so i might as well say my say.


it wouldnt be me anyway ... and then whats the point of speaking ...

BUT its gonna be about the site still ... intermezzos like this cant be avoided ... 30 days til new year ... exams ... supply lines, i hear schools in france are already shutting down again ...

and the filippines just proved humans are humans - i wont be caught in pro or anti , not for vaccines or anything , i think if you never learned to choose then you probably went to school too long and now are stuck as a cog in the machine ... but that also voids you of responsibility since "youre only doing your job"

"following orders"

its actually "what most people want" despite many saying the opposite


i might whack you with a brick for coughing in my face unmasked though (and probably me getting the blame for it) b/c thats bad taste and

i doubt shooting junkies in a poor country will negate the laws of nature on vacuum (translated into paper as supply and demand)


Duterte is one hella interesting figure ...
thats all

the rest ?

we'll see that by easter ... if no new complications arise

gud, showertime ... !

not your otaku (but i CAN be if you let me have your sisters panties ... (too much too i suppose ? ... its a cultural thing, nevermind looool )

gud gud



over and




that was "some years ago not too far away i suppose"

and this ?


is probably "here and there"

*but the plan said so !"

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