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Lol of course that's exactly the culture they keep imposing and want here.

But there is nowhere for them to go and so they get lots of things for free and it's own people working real hard to have anything at all.

Ah yes the camps, if I got set up with a tent somewhere I'm sure I will have the police bugging me to move along something to do with private land but somehow they can set up large camps and the police know about it yet do nothing, then they complain about incidents happening at these camps but still nothing is done.

That night in Germany is exactly what keeps happening everywhere, surely the authorities know of this but yet they keep welcoming this everywhere, don't get me wrong some are grateful but many of them aren't good people, I do hope more will listen to the concerns of these women from Germany when it comes to opening up borders to them.
Not all but most seem to have no gratitude that another country as just took them in, protected them from war " yesnot always the case" but still I don't understand how they are not thankful or humble for what is given to them "for free".

And in Sweden that guy want's people into self defence!? Wdf it's not the people who agreed to take them in.
How in their right mind do they think it's ok to take strangers in but then have to be ready that they will probably kill you.
But you know, many say if they want to escape war and then come to another country just to kill each other then it's best just to leave them to it, but again it's probably the innocent among them who will get hurt the most, as the woman said in the video Sweden is not as nice as it used to be and this is the same everywhere else that does this act.
It's amazing how people are getting killed, fighting each other, raping woman and the politicians are saying they believe they are doing well...

As for Steem it's true that a lot have run away with the money and to be honest that is still on going because curators continue to support those who often keep cashing out and so this continues to be a uphill battle to try and secure it's value and raise it up, but if you got enough Steem when the price goes up you can make some extra cash.

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