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Well the UK is said to be paying France to keep them there so Belgium is probably included in there somewhere and it might make sense for some of them to hide out in Belgium for a while.
It's no surprise they are desperate to go into the UK, when they get so much for free, houses free. flats free, food free, free money, yet those who live in the UK get very little, it's like a big F U to it's people.
However it's only been lately that they are threatening them with deportation back or to another country.

For whatever reason it's mostly just men arriving, locals are getting freaked out with many foreign men just turning up in their towns, many of them are not grateful and cause trouble, the women especially are scared.

Mongolia, China have no such problems yes, I also think one of the big troubles lately with crypto are authorities blocking every means of getting your hands on any, they are really going for it, does make me think they are scared in one way. Just imagine the outcry if people used banks less.

But it's also frustrating as hell because as you said they don't want us to have shit while they have it all, constantly keeping us slaves in check working, working, working until death, it's sickening yet oddly most people don't even see it. AMAZING

The problem with the culture on Steemit is too many think it's a charity, it is not, people have to hold some of their SP if they want the value to go up, I think the curating team is ok but personally I would stop voting on those who keep powering down everything.
There are some on here who are getting large votes almost daily from the team but keep cashing out SP, its no wonder the price struggles to go up.
Still that does make it at least more affordable to those who want to buy in.


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