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I think there maybe some other places offering golden visas but then again I'm not sure because they seem to keep changing their minds on whether or not they want to offer one or not, perhaps it depends on which country your coming from.


It probably depends on how much money you got heheh. I know about one case in belgium where someone actually got in that way even if "its not done here" but the background there probably best leaves it unspoken.
I know for one thing Thailand did, back when i still believed i would get out of here before i turned 40 and before it was too late and everything to hell (the last part turned out quite accurate heh) since China was already no longer a real option unless you come in with apple money or something and then STILL you dont get a citizens id , so even if thailand, (sadly vietnam too otherwise i would have considered vietnam too) is too hot for me, i would melt but since the price was achievable and its definitely closer to mongolia than hole here i had it in my visor but this is really the first time i hear europe has this. Its like an open invitation to rich white collar refugees - - so maybe some chinese will come over since xi ping doesnt want an american Crotter situation (though that might be for the wrong reasons)

maybe jack ma is italian next year ...(i doubt the japanese will let him go they'll probably make it very easy to stay there for a chinese icon like that - if hes still there - i bet he wont make too much noise since uncle Xi probably doesnt like to lose either, even if its not north korea - accidents do happen, right?)

so thats worries i dont have anymore since i dont see that happening barring the lottery - crypto doesnt look like it will be in time

Seems to be the case if you got enough money, probably to pay someone extra off so that things happen.
Thailand would of been great I like the heat but I heard since covid they have made it much more difficult for anybody to stay there.
I would of considered China years ago but the authority there seems insane, definitely off the list.
I believe Vietnam is even cheaper than Thailand but still think I would enjoy Thailand more.
Yeah if you make it to Vietnam you would basically just need to get over China to make it to Mongolia.
I do believe that like this more Chinese would go over to Europe and I think they would enjoy it a lot.


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