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money is a nice thing to have
if it's used for spending, not for sitting on
its an amazing place, i never seen a city so peaceful (but i havent trotted globe as much as i want to either)

there's like one land-entry, and that's guarded by three heavily armed military types ... probably some old agreement or something ...
the ombre seems to taste a lot better there too
last minute, actually 1 in a 100 chance, ultra-cheap
24 hour frontdesk, i basically just went back to shower and crash a few hours because i'm really not the kind to go to all the places in the tourist folder, of the few hundreds pics i have most of them arent very flattering , but as i am an alleycat , the holes in the wall and the backyard of the city is more to my liking anyway. I spent more time there being lost than anything else and you can practically cross the place from one side to another in 15 minutes if you know your way around
(not the greatest photographer with my €80 sonycam ...)
hide among the natives in that "hole in the wall"
off-the beaten track its all a LOT cheaper, if you stay on the prescribed routes you'll need a lot of cash to get around
but i'm actually totally not socially awkward all that is just up the cat's alley
i was there with the carnival actually, just after winter when the hotels first opened doors again

Thing is, as much as i am alleycat-of-the-people in one of my outdoor-faces , i 'll never go out or anywhere unless i feel plush in my pockets ... can call it what want but that's just how it is. It's not like i HAVE to spend, i just need to be sure i can do what i like without looking back or else

well, half a party is no party and it just leaves you wanting for more

@erh.germany , for your delight and delectation, Erika, my dear , if you ever go, id say dont go during up-season b/c i think then it must be overcrowded and no fun. First big city i see where there's vending machines in every street, no cameras, no police patrols ... and nothing seems to get robbed or vandalized, no violence, no excess drunks ... maybe i just had a few lucky days i dont know, but it struck me ...

now, hoping i have enough RC for this ill try to upload all the pictures to an album and get you the link

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Thanks for bringing out your photos! I was allowed to see Venice a little with your eyes. I like the picture, where a piece of green water can be seen under the arcades, it has a particularly beautiful color. And I would also put the lampshade in my apartment :) Your vacation seemed to be unexcited and pleasant and you are right, one should spend money instead of hoarding it. Did you wear the mask on the bed? :)) Have you talked to people or met someone? And of course the cat must not be missing.

Actually nobody likes the tourist streams and where they are attracted. But since you are also one yourself, it's as if you condemn a traffic jam that you also cause:) I like the backyards and unknown corners as well and stray has made me experience things I would never have experienced otherwise. One can suddenly discover things, even in one's own city, which one otherwise overlooks. I once had a photographer assignment (as a small intern) where I documented working people. My pleasure increased as I discovered a smithy and watched the red-hot iron being hewn and metals being welded and I rejoiced like a snow king to photograph the work.

Your photos captured the mood well.

people ..

'real' people ... im almost like the emotional vampires here giving cookies to "people" for sharing real-ness, only im more like face to face, but .. the money, yo ... how can i get anywhere if i cant even pay the fucking train or plane ?

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only time tells ...

Pretty difficult question, knowing who you really are. I think when you start thinking about it, you don't really know in the end. If someone says something friendly about you, you are inclined to keep it alive and to continue to be the way the other person would like to see you. We mainly know who we are through encountering and being together with others. If we were always alone and surrounded by aliens, we would lose our identity and perhaps go mad, because we would lack to reflect or recognize ourselves about the world around us. Seen this way, you are not an emotional vampire, just a human being who recognizes himself in the other :) The real can only be something you have experienced as real, can't it? But of course I know what you mean: If we want to acquire a fake identity and be someone we are not, always want to please, ignore or dominate others, the world will notice that and react accordingly.

You can't not communicate and how you live in the world, determines how much money you have to get on a train or a plane.

Hey, that was philosophical now, I hope you don't mind.

ofcourse i did, lol ... alleycat ... i dont go just to move from one thing-on-the-folder to the next .. yapping is my thing (believe you me or not hahah) ... when i'm out there ... i have all kinds of people in my head, it just won't work when someone tries to bring the on-demand ... that like "creativity from nine to five haha"

not how things work , right ?

Yea ofcourse, when i was in Paris half year after i spent with all kinds of people , at one moment i was sitting with a homeless guy on the pavement like WAY after midnight in the "dangerous city" , in the middle of a heap of plastic bags, and the guy brings out a bag of hash ( = lmao)

sitting there, as shabby as can be, so we smoked that joint together, i got some beer .. and we both separated with a happy , and a bit wiser i guess

the next day i'm in line for the catacombs (that's like a five-hour queue) with in front of me a family , mom , dad, two sons from Chicage, so we spent like five hours yapping heh ...

i do i do i do ...

This gives me a sense of coherence. As they say so nicely, you go with the flow of things and get involved with the situation you are in at the moment. That's quite wonderful! Whether bum or family, everyone has something interesting to say when they feel your interest in them. I love people and I find them interesting. There are rarely moments when I don't want to get into conversation in a foreign country, for example. The purpose of a journey is to experience something, to bring the eyes to other impressions, to get people in their everyday life.

Yes, dangerous means something different for men than for women. I envied people who did something supposedly dangerous because it is a form of freedom.

right ?

it' just ... THE MONEY, RIGHT ? ... sitting on a pavement with a homeless guy is all fine, as long as i know i got my money and i can go to my hotel or home the moment i want heh, i'm not really all that streetside, but i spent about two years streetside
simply because that was the only option left, so i know my way around and i know signals, im rarely scared

and it's like the guru says ... you can't improve yourself on third-hand intel :D

lol, yeah, that's the other side of an encounter. Knowing when it's enough and having a good place to retreat to.

You spent two years without having an apartment? Wow, that I call tough. I guess, it did a lot how you see the world.