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RE: Karma right teah it happens maybe not when expected

in #stufflast year (edited)

yeah karma eh it happens lets hope JS doesnt bring us all down with him tho but im more concerned that the post payouts are being manipulated, short changed this post and the next was 80 something cents somethins up here for sure eh... questionable not sure whats the best move.


the last one probably isnt from texas or afghanistan

everythings being manipulated everywhere there's not a no-lie in existence anymore

but we have taken away from the world (until at least may2 by now) until pavlov gnome stops the interruptions so if we dont reply its not b/c you did someting or something

we try to keep the votes up tho (for what its worth anymore)

no-world no-humans until may 2nd and counting

its for our own good :)

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