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RE: So many things to do so many people to meet :)))

in #stufflast year (edited)

oh bananas that might be an idea so glad i finished the math parts for now gonna install the planets n stuff ... yeah C is the tank of languages we made our own classes you know text boxes drop downs didnt exist until C++ which is C with the classes built in stuff :))) you can extend classes which is convenient. But java works everywhere :))) all we need is one ""Among Us or Fort Night imposter lol


yeah they find it hard to do it right whos he listening to anyways they might be well wishers and maybe not informing him with the right info...

even back then i had a 3Dgun.h in C just that importing pictures was so heavy you computer would blink lol mind you that was a 486 at the time and anyways this bit will work for everything that's coming next :)))


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