How to get rich while studying

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Take pictures of yourself like this:
This woman has discovered the secret to every business. No, the secret isn’t to be young an attractive.

The way to make money is to play your strengths. There are a million ways to make money but most people are trying the wrong strategy. I don’t look like the girl above, so I don’t use my looks to make money. She does look like that, therefore she can use her appearance to create opportunity. Thousands of people follow her on social media and buy products that she promotes.

If you are really good at drawing, don’t become a model, draw stuff and sell it.

If you are Lebron James, play basketball and people will pay you.

If you are really good at writing, write a book.

You know deep down what you are good at and wht you enjoy doing. I’ve never heard of a person who got rich doing something that they hated and weren’t good at. Nobody pays for average, they pay for the best. Every successful business is the best at something. Even if they aren’t a large industry leader, they do something that someone thinks is the best.

I own rental properties. They aren’t mansions or luxury condos, but at some point someone decided that my properties were the perfect size or perfect location or perfect whatever for their needs and they decided to lease them. Most people may not want to move there but someone decided mine was the best available.

Be the best available person for someone.

I spend $4.00 on a soda at LAX every week that otherwise would cost $1.50. I do this because someone was able to get my favorite soda, get it through security, and serve it to me cold every time I go to the airport. In that moment when I’m waiting for my flight, the $4.00 Coke is the best option available.

Use your strengths to find an advantage and exploit it.

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