Studio Sessions: Dubstep Project "Steem Power"

in studiosessions •  2 years ago

I'm getting close to finishing up the Dubstep Project which I can now let everyone know will be called "Steem Power".

I'll be recording the vocals myself, and hope to have a full demo very soon!

I am mainly using Komplete Kontrol by Native Instruments

Here is the tracks we have so far..

Here is the drums

The rest of the sounds were made in Massive

Thanks to everyone who has been supportive of my music it means a lot to me!

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This made my earphones happy... that makes ME happy! :)
Sounds good so far. Sub'd so I don't miss the completed project.
Thanks for putting this out here.
(...and thanks @riverhead for re-steeming, or I wouldn't have heard it...)


Thanks @cornerstone it's good to see people still a part of the community..
Nothing to me compares to Steemit, & it's cool meeting awesome new people here :D
(And thanks @riverhead I didn't realize you had re-steemed it.. your awesome brotha!)