Steemit is Facebook

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Here is what I wrote to my mom and brother by email this Friday morning as follows: ​
​What you share and post on Facebook is sometimes not seen by more than ten people a week and it is usually not showing up enough, high enough, in Google searches. But people can find articles and things easier when they come from websites like Steemit.


Steemit has a reputation score and you make more money as your grade increases towards 100. Mine is 52 right now. You can cash out the money to your bank. Some of my Steem and Bitcoin was used in the plane ticket I bought.


I use Steemit for the same reason you use Facebook. But nobody is giving you money for what you already do on Facebook.


Facebook is making billions of dollars and you are not getting any of that money.


Steemit is Facebook

2018-01-05 Friday 12 PM Noon
Oatmeal Joey Arnold


Steemit is better than Facebook and other people will notice it soon as well. Facebook is already dying and WhatsApp and Instagram keep it alive. It will be next MySpace.

MySpace was better than Facebook because MySpace had more customization options until 2010 or so, and Steemit is competing with Facebook, for sure, and is rising over Facebook.

I guess you must be right, because I didn't use MySpace before.

Facebook was better, too, in 2006, but Facebook has been slowly getting worse since then in losing customizations, options, choices.

Well, I think this one is true...

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