Win STEEM POWER for a Fellow Steemian!!! #stsl - Share The Steem Love Compettion No 28 is here!

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Hi everyone!

Has is been almost 3 weeks already!! Wow, time has been flying lately... So let's get on with the next round of my #stsl - Share The Steem Love Competition - Round No. 28!! This is where you can nominate someone working hard on the platform to grow their community, and could do with a few extra STEEM POWER to help them share some STEEM love with others. I really need to do this more often!!!

How My Competition Works

The format of my competition is the same as it has always been. You nominate someone who you think could do with a bit of STEEM love, and get you community to support your nomination.Your nominee, should you win, will be awarded the entire liquid portion of the post, transferred to them in the form of STEEM POWER! The SP portion of the post reward will also be delegated to your nominee for a period of 6 months!

In addition to this, both you and your winning nominee will be added to my Prizewinners voting list, to receive upvotes from me on your posts for 60 days. That means you could win some upvotes, and you nominee could receive quite a good boost to their STEEM Power balance, and help them move in the right direction here on the Steem platform.

How To Enter

Enterring is the same as before. Follow these simple rules, and you and your nominee could be the next winners of #stsl - Share The Steem Love Competition!!

The Rules are pretty simple. Follow them and get the word out to your community to support you, and you could be the next winner of my competition. Here are the rules...

  1. Upvote this post and resteem it. This will boost the reward pool and exposure of the competition, and give you a chance at winning more SP for your nominee. The SP rewards portion of this post will be awarded as a 6 month delegatoin to the winning nominee.
  2. Find someone on Steemit who is posting great content and making a positive contribution to the Steemit community, and who you feel deserves to get a few extra upvotes as reward for their efforts, and do the following:
    • In the comments section of this post, tell us who your nominee is, what country, and community tag you are a member of and are entering under (England, Japan, Canada, South Africa, teamaustralia, thealliance, steemsilvergold etc... you get the idea), and why they should win Some extra STEEM POWER, and 60 days of upvotes from me.
    • Put a link to one of your nominee's recent posts, no more than 2 days old.
  3. Get your friends to come and upvote this post, and upvote your nomination. Remember ALL liquid rewards go to the winning nominee in the form of Steem Power. The bigger the reward, the bigger the prize!!
  4. I will feed in some information about the top 5 nominations from different communities by vote count, including reputation scores, SP Balances, post frequency, post length, and average post payout value into my AI engine, and calculate a winner. My algorithm is "Top Secret", and subject to many variables (possibly, but probably not, including the current moon phase, and price of chocolate at the corner store), and may carry a certain amount of subjectivity factored in.
  5. Self- or Bot- upvotes may result in a 25% Score Penalty. Auto app upvotes (like eSteem App) and voting trails may also be deducted from your vote total.
  6. When the Post pays out, the winning nomination will be calculated, and the prize awarded. See The Prize section below.
  7. If there are no nominations, the SBD prize pool from this post will be put towards renewing my SP leases, and my master, @bmj will choose an entry from one of my previous competitions to add to my prizewinners upvote list. @bmj's decision will be final, and not up for discussion.
  8. The decision on who the winners of my competitions are is final, and no protests will be entertained. This is about Sharing the Steem Love, and not who is "entitled" to claim a prize.

The Prize

The winning nominator no longer receives liquid rewards, but will have the extra satisfaction of knowing they won some STEEM POWER, and a 6 months STEEM POWER Delegation for their winning nominee, and so have helped to build their account just a little bit more... That's what sharing the Steem love is all about!!

Both winning nominee and nominator will be added to my Prizewinners voting list, and will receive upvotes on their posts for 60 days, with a limit of 1 upvote per 22 hours as per my voting settings.

That's it!! Seems simple enough, right? So what are you waiting for? Go out and find someone who could use a boost, and get your nominations in now!!

Good Luck!!


I'm going to nominate @eveningart from the UK this time around. She is a full-fledged young member of #thealliance and is really starting to grasp the concept quite well. In her recent post answering a challenge I presented to her, her honesty and sincerity came through. Plus, you know, the answer is 42.

  • if she wins, take the SP delegation I would get and tack it on to her winnings :)

@eveningart totally deserves a boost! I love her writing, love her presence. 💖

Supporting this as a family member! ❤️❤️❤️

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I nominate @eveningart as well and she deserves this so much. She's amazing and writes really well, are such genuine person and not afraid to open up. ❤️ Love

yes... @eveningart for sure ... good choice @enginewitty

Im here supporting your support, I havent seen her work before so thank you for the direction ... 👀

in support of @eveningart

Wow- thank you so much for your support @enginewitty and my lovely Alliance Fam- it means the world to me ❤️ E x

Oooh! YES! ABSOLUTELY in support of @eveningart who is one of the most supportive and encouraging people I've met on steemit (and that's saying a lot!)

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We'd like to nominate @derangedvisions. He has been mentor for us and for many new steemians, he's member of #thealliance #helpie #adsactly #minnowbootcamp where he's always helping people and also team up with @c0ff33a on a witness, and what a team! @c0ff33a makes the most awesome comments, resteem andshout out every post he likes, and @derangedvisions has donated several times almost all of his SP to projects he belives in and to new steemians. Also, he host weekly photography contests with more than 10 winning prizes and literally everyone with a camera is able to participate and win.

We haven't participate in any of your #stsl posts before but will do it more often, on our first participation @derangedvisions is the first steemian in our minds.

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