Who Won the STEEM POWER? Shre The Steem Love Competition No 27 Results Are Here

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Hi everyone!!

Share The Steem Love Competitoin No 27 has just closed!! I'm excited to find out who will be the winner of my newly revamped competition.

The change to my competition means that someone will win STEEM POWER, as well as delegated SP from me for 6 months, and be added to my voting list for 60 days! Let's see how the nominations came in...

The Winners

Three nominations came in this time, and all are very deserving of some support. Here are the nominations:

NominatorRep ScoreNomineeRep ScoreVotesCountry
@fates55@zakludick565South Africa
@braaiboy60@craigcryptoking612South Africa

After a bit of zinging, popping and cracking, my algorithm returned the results:

NominatorNomineeFinal Score

and so the winners are:

@thekitchenfairy and @alhidayat!!!

Here is @thekitchenfairy's nomination:


The Prize

The competition post SBD reward payout was 1.240 SBD and 10.856 STEEM. The SBD has been traded for 1.156 STEEM on the internal market, giving us a total of 12.012 STEEM. This STEEM has been transferred to @alhidayat in the form of STEEM POWER. The SP portion of the competition post reward was 11.930 SP, which has been rounded up to 12 SP and delegated to @alhidayat for 6 months. Both @thekitchenfairy and @alhidayat have also been added to my prizewinners voting list for the next 60 days.

The post payout:
post reward.PNG

The trade is complete:

The SEEM POWER Has been sent:
power up to alhidayat.PNG

SP has been delegated to @alhidayat
delegation 1.PNG
delegation 2.PNG

You Gotta be in it to win it!!

My next #stsl - Share The Steem Love competition will start next week some time, so look out for my post, and enter to win!

My current list of winners, receiving upvotes form me on the prizewinners tiers are:

My list of delegations for 6 months to winning nominees are:

  • Comp 27: 12 SP from 07-08-2018 to 06-02-2019 @alhidayat

Well there you have it! The first winner of some STEEM POWER and SP Delegation has been found. Look out for my next Share The Steem Love Competition post, for your chance to nominate someone who is doing an awesoem job in your community, and could use an extra boost.

Until next time...


Wow! Congratulations @thekitchenfairy and @alhidayat! Will send another nominee when the contest is officially open again :)

Thank a lot, my friend

Awesome! Congrats you two!

Thank you so much.

Thank you have chosen me as a winner. And thanks a lot for those who have been supporting me.

Wow! This is awesome! I'll try to join next time. 😉

Congrats to the winners and awesome all around!

Awesome initiative. I feel honored that I had won one of the competitions. I hope you get more recognition and upvotes as well !!! Thanks for making steemit a better place and inspire people to create more content :) God Bless You Peace and Love.

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