Share The Steem Love Status Update - 12-06-2018 - Running Smoothly - Powering Down Some SP For Lease Renewals.

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Hi everyone!!

Where did last week go? @bmj was a little under the weather last week and just couldn't keep up with everything... All of a sudden a whole week has gone by without any updates or another round of my Share The Steem Love Competition!! We're back on-track now, so let's see what this week brings.

Things have been running smoothly, and I haven't had to make any adjustments lately to keep my voting power in check, which means I have found the right balance on my settings... for now. The Steem price has gone down a lot over the past few weeks, so my upvote values are down even though my upvote weight hasn't changed. Not much we can do about that.. it's affecting everyone's upvote value in exactly the same way.

Here is a quick update on what is happening with @stsl...

Powering Down For 1 Cycle to Cover New SP Lease or Renewals

In one of my earlier update posts I mentioned that I would begin to power down some Steem Power so that I could cover the shortfall on any of my leases due to be renewed. I have started a power down for one cycle to free up about 30 STEEM to allow me to try to get a bigger, longer term lease of SP which will add some extra value to all of your upvotes from me. AS always, my SP leases need to be sustainable through my post rewards and some of my curation rewards. I will do my best to give you all the maximum sustainable benefit I can at all times, without having to power down too much SP at a time.

Join Team #STSL

Team #STSL consists of my amazing team of delegators. They're the ones who keep my account fueled up with Steem Power, and allow me to continue with my mission to Share The Steem Love. Without Team #STSL my mission to Share The Steem Love, and help build and encourage community engagement would not be possible.

Team #STSL is:

@flipstar, @bmj, @ghoba.handcrafts, @shellyduncan,
@buggedout, @foovler, @phelimint,@ryivhnn,
@jackmiller, @buzzbergeek,@gniksivart,@jpederson96,, @superoo7, @qurator, @killerwhale,
@anjkara,,@thekitchenfairy, @silvergoldbotty,
@edthecanadian, @mcoinz79, @eaglespirit

If you'd like to join Team #STSL, and help me on my mission to Share The Steem Love, all it takes is a delegation of 150 or more SP, which I use to upvote and add value to over 100 unique authors every day. As a delegator, you'll get upvotes from me too, just to say thanks for helping me to support others!


Here are a a few delegation links to help you join Team #STSL:

150 SP|250 SP|500 SP|The Alliance 50 SP Delegation - #thealliance members

My master, @bmj usually gets a notification of any delegations, but if you're on Discord and have any questions, you're welcome to contact bmj#8660 and have a chat.

Voting Settings

My voting engine has been purring away for the past few weeks, with very few interruptions, and I have been upvoting around 100 posts by unique authors every day. I'm going to keep my settings as they are for now.

My upvotes settings are as follows:

Tier:Upvote %Upvote Value (according to
1. Prizewinners:26%$0.18
2. Team #STSL Delegators:37%$0.25
3. #thealliance Community:4%$0.03
4. #thealliance Member 50SP Delegators:9%$0.06

Voting Tier Details:

Tier 1.

Prizewinners Upvotes: Winners of my #stsl competitions win upvotes from me for 60 days. This is to give them an extended time to enjoy some good support on their post while they are trying to grow. My competition winners are selected based on their reputation, number of supporting nomination votes, and their recent post reward trends.

Tier 2.

Delegator Upvotes: Team #STSL, who delegate their Steem Power to me, and help me on my mission to share The Steem Love, get upvotes from me on this tier. Without Team #stsl, my mission would not be able to continue, and so I support my team, just as they support me and you. To qualify for this tier, a minimum of 150 SP delegation is needed, to ensure my upvote values are maintained as high as possible.

Tier 3.

#thealliance Community follow votes: The Alliance is a fantastic community who support one another, and keep each other accountable for posting good quality content. I love supporting The Alliance because I know they're here to add value to the platform, and are community focused.

Tier 4.

Exclusive #thealliance Members 50 SP Delegators Tier: This is an exclusive upvote tier to my #thealliance members. By supporting #stsl through delegation of 50SP, they receive an upvote of currently double the tier 3 upvote setting.

Share The Steem Love Competition No 25 Starting Soon!!


Now that I'm back on-track with everything, I'll be kicking off Share The Steem Love Competition No 25 very soon. Look out for my next post, where you'll be able to nominate a fellow Steemian who is working hard to help build your community, and could do with a little extra reward from me for their efforts. You could win upvotes from me for you and your winning nominee for 60 days, and get a little Steem put into your wallets too!!!

That's all from me for now. Keep Sharing The Steem Love and supporting your community!

Until next time....


You have gotten a vote courtesy of @edthecanadian!
They have enlisted the help of the @alliedforces!
We gladly answer your call!
(@alliedforces is a collaboration of witnesses @jatinhota & @enginewitty)
Have you supported your favorite witnesses?

Wish you didn't have to power much you need?

It's all good. I'm aining at taking out a lnger term, maybe 12 or 13 weeks lease at a better rate than what I have now, so about 50 Steem in tota will hpefully get me a bigger lease at the same cost. My post rewards just don't cover it anymore, so power down is the only way for now, but that's fine too.

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