What is happiness

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What is happiness? There are many kinds of understandings. Perhaps for some people, happiness may be a dinner, a cotton coat, an eaves; perhaps happiness is a hug, a smile, a truth; perhaps happiness is a harmonious, lifelong companion, I Not leaving. Happiness may be holding a pair of hands that you want to hold, walking through the bustling hustle and bustle, waiting for loneliness and loneliness together. Just accompany a person who wants to accompany, laugh together when you are happy, cry together when you are sad.
It is to have a heart that you want to have, to repeat the boring days without boring, to do the same thing is not boring. As long as we have love in our hearts, we will be happy, and happiness will be in the original promise, in the future dreams. Maybe happiness is to accompany you on a journey called a lifetime, across a bridge called Naihe, and drink a soup called Meng Po. Maybe tired, tired, but never thought about giving up.timg5IPV9BGH.jpg
Perhaps the scenery along the way is charming and full of temptation, but retain each other's initial feelings. Maybe there will be disputes, there will be differences, but they will still listen and default; maybe not every minute, but keep a position in the heart.
I think: happiness is your true feelings.
Usually, in order to make a living, each of them will face various difficulties and setbacks, have the joy of success, and have the troubles of failure. As long as they can persist in their own ideals, they will work hard, really pay, and earnestly accomplish one thing. It is also a kind of happiness to experience life in struggle. Holiday family sitting around "toasting the moon", taste the rich moon cake with hometown characteristics, drink the hot tea, the laughter, the deep affection is a kind of happiness.
In the communication between people, sincerely behave, be honest and do things; treat others with wideness, discipline themselves with strictness; treat each other with sincerity, treat each other with sincerity; understand others, believe in yourself; be brave in giving, don't care. It is also happy. Happiness manifests itself in all aspects. Under various circumstances, it is a kind of feeling in the heart and a joy in the soul. Happiness may be a fragrant aroma, perhaps a harmonious spring breeze, perhaps a warm sun.
I know very clearly what kind of happiness I want: it is not glory, nor is it a singularity, but an understanding and tacit understanding between people. We are always struggling to pursue happiness, but often happiness is around you and me, happiness is everywhere, everything is there.
As long as we can pay attention to life, carefully observe and observe every little thing around us, and often clean the corners of the soul, and take away the dust of the soul, we will be surprised to find that happiness always stays with us! We have found happiness, so how do you feel happy? Everyone's experience is different, the level of understanding is different, and the feelings of happiness are of course different.
Happiness is the happiest moment in life, and those ephemeral happiness is always so intriguing. Everything in life is now our memory. What we have said, what we have done, the way we have traveled, the people we have met are all our memories.
The purpose of all human efforts is to obtain happiness. What is happiness? Happiness is a feeling, a mood, and moving is a kind of happiness. In the morning, the rising sun rises, the gentle sunshine shines on the human world, caressing your face, and the heart feels warm, this is a sign of happiness.
When you walk by the river, the willows on both sides of the river swing with the wind, and the fish and pebbles are compiling a dynamic and dynamic picture. At this time, the sound of the river flowing, this is the feeling of happiness. The feeling of happiness is beautiful, and the taste of happiness is sweet. It is more fragrant than roses, sweeter than lollipops, more intense than chocolate, purer than fragrant tea, and more fragrant than coffee.
Where is the happiness? When we walk with our family, happiness is in the warm eyes; when we play with our friends, happiness is in that bright smile; when we are discussing problems with our classmates, happiness is fierce. In the debate; when we imagine our future, happiness is in that beautiful battle.
What is happiness? Happiness is a cake of poverty in poverty, a look of the heart of the adversity center, a rough touch of the father, a warm words of the girlfriend... It is like a ruby ​​adorned with old silk, which is more and more brilliant in the bleak .
Happiness is sometimes not necessarily sweet, and happiness is sometimes not necessarily happiness. Happiness is just a happy face, and happiness is a joy and gratification from the heart. Therefore, as long as you are happy, then you must be happy. Happiness is the kiss of the mother, pressed softly on your face and engraved with a permanent mark. Happiness is the touch of daddy, from top to bottom on your bright hair, until the hair ends, leaving a light salty taste on the hair.
Happiness is the praise of the teacher. It is softly said in front of you; "You have improved, you must work hard!" There was a grateful heart in my heart.
Happiness is the comfort of a friend. When you do something wrong, it is the person who guides you around you and tells you; "Don't be pessimistic, there will be sun and rainbow after the storm!" Happiness is a kind of thoughtfulness when you are in difficulty or sick. A kind of comfort, an encouragement, filled my heart with sweetness.
Happiness is the transcendence of emotions. Happiness is the opposite of each other. Happiness is a sunny state of mind. Happiness is the feeling of the contented person. Happiness is the hope in pain. Happiness is the result of love, tolerance, concern, respect, and love. It is the embodiment of friendship, affection and love. Happiness is invisible, but it makes us feel infinite happiness.timgQFUU1L45.jpg
Happiness is a fruit tree. It grows, breeds, and holds a tree of fruit, letting you feel its sweetness, beauty, and crispness. The deep meaning of happiness is not expressed in words. He is derived from the bits and pieces of life. Some happiness is an earth-shattering shock; some happiness is as warm as the sun, and some happiness is not touching, but it is even more touching. Let us bathe in happiness and feel happiness!
The taste of happiness is like a glass of water when you are thirsty; happiness is like a comforting word when you are sad; happiness is like a bowl of rice when you are hungry; happiness is just like spring-like sunshine, so warm, so comfortable! Let us experience the taste of happiness!


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