Stripe Fee Calculator

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Stripe Fee Calculator

Stripe is a leading online payment processing platform that allows businesses of all sizes to accept credit card and debit card payments online. While Stripe offers merchants a simple and streamlined way to accept payments, it's important to understand the transaction fees they charge for each payment processed.

Here you can find one of the best Stripe Fee Calculator

In this article, we will explore Stripe's fee structure in-depth and provide a Stripe Fee calculator to help estimate processing costs.

We'll break down how transaction fees work, the various types of charges, and how businesses can lower their processing rates. By the end, you'll have a solid understanding of Stripe fees and be able to estimate your processing costs.

Stripe's Basic Transaction Fee Structure

Stripe charges a percentage-based fee on every transaction processed through their platform. The base fee is 2.9% + $0.30 per successful transaction. This means:

  • 2.9% of the total transaction amount goes to Stripe as their processing fee
  • An additional flat fee of $0.30 is also charged

For example, if a customer pays $50 through Stripe, the transaction fees would be:

  • 2.9% of $50 is $1.45
  • $0.30 flat fee
  • Total fees = $1.45 + $0.30 = $1.75

So for a $50 transaction, the merchant would receive $48.25 while Stripe would collect $1.75 in fees. This percentage-based model is typical across payment processors.

Additional Types of Fees

In addition to the basic transaction fees, Stripe also charges some additional optional fees that businesses need to be aware of:

Chargeback Fees: If a payment is disputed by the customer and charged back, Stripe charges $15 for each chargeback processed.

Manual Review Fees: For higher risk transactions that require manual review, there is a $5 manual review fee.

Account Fees: There is a $50 Connected Account fee for onboarding new bank accounts, and a $7 monthly fee to maintain connected accounts.

Currency Conversion Fees: If processing international transactions, there is a 2% currency conversion fee on top of the standard rates.

The good news is that Stripe fee rates can be negotiated lower for high volume merchants. Building volume over time can get better rates.

Factors That Affect Stripe Processing Rates

While the basic Stripe transaction fee structure provides a starting point, there are some additional factors that impact the actual rate a business pays:

Card Type: Debit card transactions typically cost 1-2% lower compared to credit cards. PIN-less debit cards are charged the credit card rate.

Industry: Certain industries like travel have negotiated slightly lower rates. Rates also vary based on perceived risk.

Volume: Businesses processing over $50k/month can often qualify for discounted pricing tiers.

Country: Domestic US transactions have lower rates than international ones due to currency conversion fees.

Payment Method: E-checks, bank transfers, and recurring billing usually have lower rates than cards.

Card Brand: Rates differ slightly between major card networks like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

Accounting for all these factors means no two merchants will pay exactly the same Stripe rate. The Stripe fee calculator below can help provide a more accurate estimate.

Stripe Fee Calculator

To provide a real example of how Stripe fees work, here is a Stripe fee calculator you can use to estimate your costs:

  • Average transaction amount: $50
  • Number of transactions/month: 100
  • Card type used (credit/debit): Credit
  • Your country: USA
  • Volume tier eligibility: No

Based on the above defaults:

  • Transaction fee %: 2.9%
  • Flat transaction fee: $0.30


  • 2.9% of $50 is $1.45 per transaction
  • $0.30 flat fee
  • Total fee per transaction is $1.45 + $0.30 = $1.75
  • Transactions per month is 100
  • Total monthly fees is 100 * $1.75 = $175

To see how your fees may differ, try adjusting the variables above like transaction amount, volume, country or card type used. This will provide a baseline to estimate your expected Stripe processing costs.

Tips To Lower Stripe Processing Fees

Now that we understand how Stripe fees work, here are some tips businesses can use to try lowering their rates over time:

  • Accept multiple payment methods: Offering alternatives like cards, e-checks and bank transfers gives customers options and leads to lower average rates for merchants.

  • Avoid chargebacks: Reduce disputed transactions that result in manual review and chargeback fees which add to costs. Maintain good customer service.

  • Process larger ticket transactions: The larger the average transaction size, the lower the effective rate percentage-wise due to fixed fees being spread over a larger amount.

  • Reach higher processing volumes: Volume tiers as low as $50k/month can qualify for discounted Stripe rates on future processing. Grow steadily over time.

  • Consider vendors for lowest rates: Explore least-cost routing options to automatically route payments to the processor with the cheapest rates based on your specific transaction data.

  • Negotiate a custom rate: If processing substantial volumes, businesses have leverage to privately negotiate a custom pricing structure with Stripe.

Following these tips can help maximize savings over the long run as a business expands its processing volumes through Stripe. Regularly monitoring costs is also important.

FAQs About Stripe Transaction Fees

Here are some common questions businesses have about Stripe fees:

How do I see my Stripe transaction fees? Login to your Stripe Dashboard to view fee details and invoices under the “Payments” section. You can also download processing statements.

When do I get charged Stripe fees? Stripe fees are assessed at the time of each transaction andinvoiced at the start of the following month for the prior month’s activity.

What if my customer refunds a payment? Refunded transactions are credited back the full transaction amount while associated fees are not refunded by Stripe.

Are there monthly minimum fees? No, Stripe does not charge monthly minimum fees. You only pay the applicable transaction and other optional fees incurred.

Are there early termination fees? Stripe does not have long term contracts which would normally involve early cancellation penalties. You can stop accepting payments through them at any time.

Does Stripe report to credit bureaus? No, Stripe does not report merchant payment processing activity or account balances to credit bureaus like Experian, Equifax or TransUnion.

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