Strimi 2K18 - New Interface Update#1

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Hello Steemian!
Few days ago we adding first post witht our new interface for blockchain Steem. Today we want show you some picture and gif of our works after a few days :)

We olmost finish:

  • Mobile version
  • Night version
  • Live searching users and tags
  • Posts sorting on trending, created, hot via newest, votings count, comments count
  • Posts filtring via 3 hours, 6h, 12h and 24h

First we want finish mobile and night version, at this moment it looks like this.

Dark side of power ;)

The top of the page:


The bottom:


And now is time to mobile gif:


And searching gif:


Dark user profile looks like this:

User posts page


User comments page


And now is time see speed and filtering action :)


User votes page


User following page


And wallet page


Strimi is online and you can find ous on but! On screen you see new interface, we want finish "read only" version on current month - we hope so.

Every day we votes to posts our users totally for free - this is our support for users. Perhaps @strimi steem power is not big, but we help as much as we can.

If you want to support @strimi follow us and votes this post :)

Strimi Team

@mowilimi @vaxx @badvegan @dimmu

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hey thanks for sharing


Strimi is created with love to blockchain steem and we want share our work with people around the world :)


Thats great