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RE: #Strictly Secret: The Creation of Strictly Come Dancing

Fantastic coverage and article! Thank you for this immense coverage of Seven's very important case and for highlighting the continued slander and online cyber assaults against her name and reputation. As you say. Seven's case is rock-solid: her creative work was clearly stolen and exploited, as the paper trail shows. Seven has done a great job publicizing the crimes committed against her and others, and also done the world a great service by showing us all how top criminals in corporate media networks make trillions of pounds off others' intellectual and creative work and are actually engaged in running terrorism operations. In conjunction with Seven's story is the whole story of the 7/7 London Bombings, which Investigator Tony Farrell analyzed and discussed with his Police division before he himself experienced retaliation for his whistleblowing.

Thanks also for covering Richard Hannah's threatening letter sent to me and my response. As you say, the evidence in Seven's case speaks for itself.

The notion too that the reading public can participate in informing each other and help publicize the wrong done to Seven in the theft of her brilliant television shows and seek reparation is outstanding. Indeed, in this situation of failure of corporate media, law enforcement, and the court system, individuals of conscience everywhere can help speak for humanity by simply sharing and spreading the word.

Wonderful article and I will share widely!


Thank you Ramola.

I appreciate & recommend your journalism to all which expands on and explains the type of illegal surveillance abuses and harassment that Seven in the UK and others globally especially in USA , 5 eye countries, and Europe experience which include and I quote from your article "Surveillance Abuse Today is a Lot More Than Email/Cellphone Surveillance & Comprises Bio-Hacking, Neuro-Hacking, and Radiation Assault"

The article also goes on to expose the types of character assassinations used on knowingly innocent targets to defame and distract from the targets truth, activism, and whistle blowing: "Community Blacklisting & Character Assassination — as mentally ill, pedophiles, prostitutes, child molesters, pornographers, terrorists, suspected terrorists, potential terrorists, putative terrorists, violent extremists, troublemakers, all to discredit our witness and testimonial to these incredibly egregious USAF/DOD/CIA/NSA/DHS/FBI assaults.
(These are not idle accusations; I recommend that uninformed readers kindly explore the articles, interviews, and videos at my website, The Everyday Concerned Citizen, and my Youtube/Vimeo/Bitchute channels Ramola D Reports; in particular, pay special attention to my interviews with highly significant whistleblowers from the CIA, FBI, and NSA, engineers, NASA scientists, and Emeritus Professors; finally, please peruse all letters from whistleblowers and activists supporting my journalism shortly after a Quincy Middle School principal questioned my reportage specifically on DHS/FBI/USAF abuses, including my unanswered Letter to the Quincy School Board, which provides acutely relevant information on General Dynamics, the FAA, and the City of Quincy — a subject still under investigation for further reportage.)"

I thank you and applaud you for your continual dedication to research and report the truth rather than mainstream media's watered down, controlled narrative version of the Snowden file leaks, 9/11, and other such important events in our world history as part of the cover-up complicity and gas lighting of the public on the stone cold hard facts of what surveillance abuses really entail.

It will shock the public to the core, but this vital knowledge will also set us all free as the public raises its voice one by one and takes a stand against Orwellian states of control which include the usage of stealth/neuro- weaponry for mind-body remote control, hacking and tracking.

Everyone do your bit by sharing these articles, spreading the truth, and doing the research for yourself. Contact your local MPs/senators with these articles, research, information, podcasts with whistle blowers and victims testimonies. If the public stands up and refuses to allow these illegal surveillance abuses and what can only be described as voyeuristic torture and organized mobbing via harassment & stalking in coordinated groups of people within the community on knowingly innocent targets for profit and control, then these types of illegal torture/surveillance programmes will have to be stopped and stealth weaponry on the public banned.

Ramola has written about and interviewed former fbi agent and whistle blower Geral Sosbee on "How the FBI (& DHS/NSA/CIA) Wrongfully Targets Innocent & Stand-Out Americans with COURT-ORDERS from Bought Judges For Purposes of Criminal Community Takeover" Please share widely: