The Steep Streets of San Francisco

in streets •  5 months ago

There are some very steep hills in SF, I was walking up one of these streets the other day and wish to share the pictures I took.


Here we see cars parked in an awkward angle, it must be hard to park like this!




Some people having fun in the street


To walk up these streets you need to climb stairs, quite the workout!



I hope you enjoyed the pictures and have a fun day

With Love


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I love it here,

surely dear @camilla i enjoyed the post,, the street photograpgy is awesome, and also good information this post,
thanks a lot.

Ha ha, in my opinion it will not be wrong if we give this place a name as Sliding World, literally it reflecting as it's tilting and we can feel that tilt but i have to agree one thing that this place is so beautiful and vibrant and i really liked the essence of day too means the day is reflecting so pleasant. Many places in this world reflects as really unique and i don't know this place is named unique or not but i personally feel that it's unique and amazing to watch.

And those stairs are reflecting as Distant and in my opinion it's really good for athletes or gymers to try out these stairs at fitness time and in my opinion the environment is super awesome and so natural with these breathtaking trees and witness activities can be carried out effectively.

Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Hello my dear hope you're good and everything goes well with you
So this is a humble gift for your contribution hope you accept it and like it.

Crazy how they park their cars! Looks so cool